There are days when I feel I am going to hit the rock bottoms again. And I know how it feels to fall and break one’s soul. There is this one song which I listen that gives me immense strength during such days- ‘You Raise Me Up’ originally composed by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden; though my favorite is Josh Groban version. Each time I listen, it’s lyrics give an inner strength and an immense gratefulness fills my heart on how the invisible force of universe leads me to a higher motive. In another 24 hours 2016 is going to hit its end note. And I am speechless and amazed by the way I was lead to what exactly I need. No matter what I did, I was being watched, led, fed and loved. I don’t have a name for that greater force but I am sure I am being heard. This blog is my 28 years of dismay and adoration to that greater force in short. Read on…

To my Creator,

  • The place where I was born was not the place I was raised. The place I was supposed to be raised was not the place I got to live. I was lost. Yet, you found me and YOU RAISED ME UP to understand the meaning of belongingness, family and love.
  • I never lived my childhood and was torn apart in a dysfunctional family yet YOU RAISED ME UP to be an extrovert chatter box making friends wherever I go.
  • When everybody called me slow, YOU RAISED ME UP to be one of the smartest.
  • When I was about to give up, YOU RAISED ME UP among books boosting my confidence level.
  • YOU RAISED ME UP to be a strong fierce happy woman from a most bullied child.
  • During those lonely nights, YOU RAISED ME UP to write poems of pre-eminence.
  • The day I thought I cannot compete YOU RAISED ME UP to understand the importance of perseverance and passion.
  • The days I thought I cannot smile anymore, YOU RAISED ME UP to see faces of miserable people who were waiting for my smile.
  • YOU RAISED ME UP to see the goodness in everything when everything around me was going haywire.
  • YOU RAISED ME UP to be original, when I found everybody faking even the silliest emotion.
  • YOU RAISED ME UP to go beyond my limits defying everyone’s predictions.
  • Every time I knocked the door, I was given more than I deserve from abode. YOU RAISED ME UP to count on my blessings.
  • When I thought I am never gonna find a home, I found it in two eyes of a wonderful person. For the flowers he drew for me on the wall, for the redness he brought to himself in life, for understanding even my silence and for his patience waiting for me; you are irreplaceable. YOU RAISED ME UP to recognize his significance in my life.
  • When everything slows down, breaks apart and gloom fills in, YOU RAISED ME UP to smile and let it go.
  • For the wandering soul in me, YOU RAISED ME UP to be a song bird.
  • YOU RAISED ME UP to be me.

                                               You Raise Me Up To More Than I Can Be.


Nameeta Renchi