Dear Ammu,

Am I a bad influence on you?

Why did you stop dreaming about being a scientist?

I understand you want to grow up to be a writer like me, but why not a scientist who also writes?

The sacrifice to become a writer is huge.

Supposedly, consider your scientist dream is a plant; others will definitely water it well, care for its growth and look forward to its future appearance.

Meanwhile, writer plant will always be a cactus, thriving in a desert.

When you color outside the boxes, people may not always accept you. Is that ok for you?

If you don’t like labels, welcome to the league.

You have the freedom to choose what you want to be.

Sometimes, happiness is not defined by how much money you have, but what you do with your heart’s joy.

Words have the power to hurt you or build you.

Whatever is your choice, you will be supported by a fellow desert plant.


Nameeta Renchi

(P.S. Read this again when you are 18)