The Wildlife Hospital and Rescue Centre celebrated the World Wildlife Day on 2nd and 3rd March at the Gopalan Mall, Bengaluru. A public awareness event about saving the wildlife and natural resources, ‘Compassion Champion 2019’ was organized.Many fun activities such as wildlife quiz, finger puppet making, feed the animal feed them right and garbage segregation were included in the event.

“We are educating the people about the importance of protecting the urban wildlife as it leads to the protection of the environment as well. We are empowering our future generation to become aware, compassionate and committed citizens who understand this co-dependence”, said the founder and trustee of People for Animal Bangalore, Alpana Bhartia.

The event was successful as many showed up on the day of the event with their families. “This event was a step towards sensitizing the public about the urgency to save the biodiversity, inviting the society and students to become active change-makers in conserving and preventing the degradation of  the environment. With the support of the youth and students, we will be in a better position to rescue, treat and rehabilitate the urban wildlife of Bangalore and release them back to the wild faster”, said colonel (Dr.) Navaz Shariff (General Manager and Chief Veterinarian of People for Animal, Bangalore).

Many volunteers from different parts of Bangalore enthusiastically associated with the event for the safest shelter of animals.S. Supriya, one of the visitors at the stall said, “These awareness activities were very informative and educational. Such programs are essential for the children to awaken in them the feeling of compassion towards wild animals.”

A model of a cage was placed at the venue to challenge the visitors to stand inside for a certain duration to make them visualize and empathize with the plight of caged animals around the world. Rescue demonstrations were enacted by wildlife rescuers.

Gopalan Mall Spokesperson, Mr. Girish stated, “Gopalan Mall is proud to be associated with People for Animal, Bangalore to create awareness on wildlife. We support and help our shopping patrons to stand together to make peace and treat wildlife with care”.