“A characteristic feature of the authoritarianism in our society is its insidious ability to addict people to the endless pursuit of external rewards, wealth, prestige, position, promotion, approval of one’s lifestyle by others, ceremonial honors and status symbols of all kinds.

“The youth of today must unlearn this self-defeating way of life” APJ Abdul Kalam

During one of those high school years, I clearly remember my class teacher asking each one of us students what we wanted to become when we grow old. Some dreamed MBBS seats, a few others looked forward to become engineers and I wanted to become a journalist. 12 years down the lane, wannabe doctors became engineers, wannabe engineers became school teachers, wanna be school teachers became nurses and, a majority of the girls got married, opted to be homemakers. A rebel I always believed in my staunch intuitions, I got to become what I want.                                            

I am not bragging about what I did with my life, but I tried to go against the flow. Most of us are caught up in the rat race, trying to fit perfectly in the mold created by our family and society. Our educational system teaches how to win the survival of the fittest war. But no school teaches to follow our dreams. Moreover,the people who go against the flow are tagged eccentrics and non-conformists.


      Director Vishal Bhandary with his clowns

Well, a few of us never gave up on our dreams. Vishal Bhandary of ‘Yours Truly Theatre’ is one such so called outside the bracket person, who swam against the flow and achieved what he wished for. He along with 8 other artists are teaming up to showcase the second outing of Yours Truly Theatre’s production “Not going to Supermarket” It is a clown play, where Bhandary’s illogical clowns will shed light on how men are caught up in the vicious circle. Born, educated, getting into a mainstream job, live the life of a machine and how people ditch their dreams in the conventional flow of life . But his clowns are not ready to become a commodity in the market space. Absolutely, this play will make us realize how similar we are to the products sold in a supermarket . And teaches us the importance of dreams driven passion, passion driven life and dignity of all profession. And the change begins with you.

I have seen parents sending children with absolute hatred for numbers to engineering colleges. My parents are no different, my mother wanted me to learn accountancy because one of her sister is a chartered accountant. The day I declared I wanted to become a journalist, I was despised and was told you don’t have a future. Before even the idea of writing bud in me, I once told my mom for fun I wanted to become a lepidopterist. I am sure, those who just read the term is wondering what it is. A lepidopterist is a person who collect and study butterflies. All I remember is how my mom got into a rage and tried to explain me only Doctors, Engineers and Nurses has a future. If I have a daughter aged 12 and she knew what a lepidopterist is, I would probably appreciate her for sure. I am not blaming the generation that just ignored the importance of dreaming. But the forthcoming generation should never repeat the mistake.                                            

Let the people born to sing become singers, let the born dancers be dancers,good with numbers? Fair enough, go ahead and become an engineer. I am not good with numbers, I dream of words, colors and butterflies. Let me become a writer and let me be me. Please don’t price tag my dreams.

Because the neighbor uncle’s daughter is a class topper doesn’t mean I am a loser. Rat race is not meant for me. I was born to chase the clouds on a clear sky day, gaze the stars, write poems about ladybugs, birds and anything that interests me. Don’t break my pen and give me a stethoscope instead.

So, if you are in Bangalore this weekend, please go ahead and watch their show. Bhandary’s clowns will not disappoint you for sure.                                                                                                                                             

xGist of the Play: This musical performance, riddled with dark humor, explores themes of nihilistic existentialism, using elements of the murky yet poetic clownish premises.

Genre & Language: Dark Comedy & English/Gibberish



Actors: Amarendra Kumar, Anil Nair, Anirudh Jain, Ashwin Subbarao, Charit Mahajan, Prasad Punage, Saurabh Gupta, Shivesh Ranjan and Vishal Bhandary

Crew: Gloria Kamal (Show Manager), Vijeth VS (on Music), Rajesh Kumar Rajpurohit (on Lights) & Gautam Nageshkar (Poster Design), YT volunteers

Dates: 6 pm on September 16-17

Venue: Yours Truly Theatre Studio, Indiranagar

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About Yours Truly Theatre:

Started in the year 2003, Yours Truly Theatre has evolved a unique theatre language and is at the forefront of movement of Interactive and Improvisational theatre in India. The group was started with a vision to use the power of applied improvisational theatre for change and exploring theatre that is spontaneous, intuitive and beyond a script.