Getting into the work space was like getting into a maternity ward. That period of my life is strange, totally.

3 pregnant and a fat woman; that was my team. Going to work was like riding an emotional roller coaster ride. Mood swings, food cravings and morning sickness over the regular workload; a routine affair. It is not me who went through this, but my colleagues. However, like a passive smoker, their emotions affected me slightly. This experience kind of aggravated my fear of pregnant women. They are live electricity wires; step on their bad side and you are dead for sure. However, hats off to those ladies, I am sure salary wasn’t just their motive or their push to come to work. When 3 get pregnant in a team, each of them can empathize with each other. Exchange of pre and post pregnancy care details, what to and what not to dos, which food to avoid or include; free knowledge on pregnancy was readily available to me throughout my day. The way each of them gained weight slowly and steadily is nightmarish. Like dough in the oven, they puffed up. Then the talk is all about, how to reduce baby fat post delivery. Even the post delivery part is quite interesting, the ideas exchanged are all about how many times their baby fart, pooped or breast fed. Very often they forgot the mute spectator in the room. Someone who is already petrified of ideas about pregnancy, hospitals or baby care. People often say, to get out of fear, one must get more exposure to the things or situations that cause the fear. But this is not true. Well, to go through pregnancy is a courageous act, not everyone can come in terms with it. Mothers are warriors. Respect.