Nobody can beat Vineeth Vincent at beatboxing. Its not an exaggerated statement, it is a fact. Also he fits perfectly into miscellaneous boxes. One day you find him entertaining a group of youngsters, the next day you will find him creating music in a cafe and on an unexpected evening, I am happy he had time to give this interview. Have a look at what is happening in the life of this multi-talented performer. Read on..

So Vineeth, What is beat boxing according to you?
Beatboxing is something that I do for fun. Coincidently, it is also is what makes me money at the end of the day. I’d like to think that beatboxing for me, is a means to an end. 

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What makes you happy; music, beat-boxing, emceeing, talking, singing or something else?
Entertaining people and more importantly, entertaining myself. 

Under 25 Summit 2018 Bangalore; tell us more about it. 

The Under 25 Summit is India’s Largest Youth Festival that happens across the country. The biggest version of it took place in Bangalore on the 18th of February. Thousands of young people show up from across the country to network, make friends, be inspired, execute their dreams and ideas, find business associates and in general have a lot of fun. 

The new video featuring Ganesh Raj, Rachel Maaney and Pearle Maaney; what viewers can expect. some funny instances while shooting the video
The most interesting thing from that shoot was to find out that the 3 of these humans are very down to earth and approachable. Pearle and Ganesh was at the Under 25.

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Obviously there are no tutors to teach beat-boxing unlike singing or dancing, how did you learn it?
By fooling around and making stupid sounds on the microphone. Lots of practice and the tiny musician in me took over from there. 

Didn’t your mom and dad find you annoying during those early practice sessions, If yes, how did you manage?
Everyone still does. Moderation and practice in private spaces is the answer to your question. 

PC Rider Mania 2017Tell me more about your future projects
I am in the process of moving my offline career to the online space and I have a lot that will be coming up in the future. ON A TANK OF FUEL is one of my initiatives in association with a Delhi Based Production House – “Urban Talkies”

TEDx talks, what were the key takeaways and how well have you managed to create an identity in this niche sector of beat-boxing?
I believe that in 2018, there are only a handful of TEDx talks that are of good standard and quality. It has somewhat become a fad and I have decided to take a step back from platforms like these for a while. I believe that there are other people with more interesting stories and work that need to be featured on platforms like these. 
I guess I manage to stay afloat in the current market because a majority of my time and effort goes into branding and marketing. Unfortunately, this means that I have lesser time to focus on my art. But what has to be done, has to be done! 

Family, beat-boxing or Fame; what tops your priority list?
Myself! If I can’t take care of myself, there is no point of it all. If I first love myself, the others will fall into place. 

What is the secret of your success?
A combination of hard and smart work. 

Thank you! Vineeth Vincent for sparing some time to share your life story. Keep entertaining.

Your Message, I Cherish:)

“I think all of us need more independent platforms like the one you have. I believe perspective is important and the fact that your are independent, adds on to that perspective. You are your own writer, editor and publisher and that is awesome. You make your own rules but this also means that you need to work thrice as hard as compared to a regular structured platform. The hustle is painful and beautiful.”