Everyone has different stories in their lives. Somewhere the lives are connected with each other’s. But the stories are different. Life always tests us with many trials. It shows us many colors, sometimes it toys with us. The stories of our lives always goes on, without waiting for anything.

I have always been told that, I can do everything. I can touch the sky if I want to. Everyone in my family wanted me to fly high. At the same time I was told, I am a daughter and I have to be the ‘son’ of my parents. That was when I realized the difference between ‘daughters’ and ‘sons’.

In our lives we face many storms which howls and bowls around us. Those storms terrifies us. But one day the howls and bowls empties themselves with heavy rains. And after which we realize the change. The change which tells us about our own will power. Our own will to survive.

Most of the families tell their daughters to be the son of their family. When the daughter tries to be son, they are again reminded that they are girls. They are not allowed to do certain things, to remain as everyone else in the society.

It is the family who support their daughters from their toddlerhood, but why do they stop to take a step forward when the daughters want to do something beyond the boundaries which is set by the society.

Have you ever seen how a lion hunting a deer? When the lion fails to catch the deer, it thinks that it has a chance to live. But as soon as it thinks to scurry away, once again the lion pounces until the deer stop breathing.

This is what happens with daughters.

I get strength from my family when they say daughters and sons are equal. But again I see the boundaries around me which are not there for the sons. It feels like my family gifts me beautiful shoes in front of the world but when I start to wear it, I find thorns attached with those shoes.

Parents gives the freedom to their daughter but again whisk them away very easily. Parents say their daughter to be a son and be anything you want to but why don’t they say be a daughter and fly on your own rhythm?

I can do those which a son does for his family. I want to make my parents feel proud. I don’t want a sweet and soft life. I want a strong life. I want to hear my parents say, ‘that’s like my daughter’.

I am a daughter and I don’t want to be a son of my family.