Malayalam movie ‘Aami’, the biopic of great author Madhavikutty (Kamala Das) received mixed reviews. Yet, it is definitely a crowd-puller . The love queen of Malabar had a muse. He was none other than Lord Krishna. Director Kamal cherry-picked a couple of chapters from her controversial novel ‘Ente Kadha’(My Story) and has converted those golden words into an entertaining movie. Well, this Blog is not about Kamala Das or about Kamal’s movie. It is about ‘Tovino Thomas’; the very talented actor, Kamala Das’s Krishna and a go-getter.

Actor Tovino Thomas has it all to become a superstar. Looks, talent, passion, humility, patience and luck. Apart from Aami, he has movies like ‘Abhiyum Anuvum’, ‘Maari-2’, ‘Maradona’ lined up to reach theaters this year.

How did all begin?

I started modeling as a means to find extra money. Always loved movies and I remember visiting shooting locations in and around my hometown.


Are you choosey in signing the movies these days?

Yes, I am picky in the kind of projects I take up. Now I have options unlike my starting days. I don’t want to act in movies for the sake of acting.


Chosen as ‘the most desirable man’ by Kochi Times in 2016. So, what do you think are the core characteristics of a man to be desirable?


I think a man should be truthful to oneself and do things that’s worth to self as well as to others.


Acting in movie ‘Aami, how was the experience?

Though I did only a guest appearance in the movie, my character is of someone the viewers will never forget. The shooting was only for 6 days. Manju Chechi( Actress Manju Warrier who plays Kamala Das in the movie) and Kamal Sir were very supportive throughout the shoot.


You worked as an assistant director for Roopesh Peethambaran’s Theevram, how different is it from acting?

Unlike acting, you get to learn a lot. The techniques, the style of acting of veterans in the field and the experience that it gives is totally different. Shooting is a magic. Its an effort of many creative brains and the end-product is co-ordinated spell-work of amazing people.


You love traveling, ain’t it? Which is this one particular place that stole your soul?

I had been traveling to places which are not really mainstream tourist spots. I like to be in serene and peaceful places. If you ask me which is this one place that I would love to go back, I would say it is Rishikesh. The positive vibes it gives out is an out of the world experience.


Do you sing and how about dancing? What are your other interests?

I am a not-so-bad bathroom singer. When it comes to dancing, I am a naysayer. Well, I cook and love reading books. Chicken dishes are my forte. Reading humanitarian fiction books like that of Khaled Hosseini is one of my other interests.


Fitness Mantra

Eat Healthy. Stay Healthy.


You are the brand ambassador of ‘Irinjalakuda Heritage Half Marathon’, are you a sports-person?

I was always interested in sports. Actively involved in sports activities during my younger days.  Practicing gusthi (wrestling)for the movie ‘Godha’ was challenging.


Message to the Readers

R. Vijayalakshmi’s directorial movie ‘Abhiyum Anuvum’ is to release on 9th March. Everyone should go and watch it in the theater. Its my debut movie in Tamil.

Thank You! Tovino. I will cherish the talk we had. And hope you get many more astounding roles to act. Meanwhile, whether you love the writings of Madhavikutty or not. Please watch Aami this week. Let me wind up by jotting down a famous line said by the celebrated poet/writer/author. While confronted by a question, “how many people have you loved?”. She replied, “17 men, 12 women, 6 kids, 3 dogs, one cat and two parrots”.