Travelling from one country to another in search for new experiences is not anymore a fad.
Open your Instagram page and check for wanderlust profiles, you will end up seeing an
unending list of globetrotters’ profiles. Not sure how many of them are travelling for the sake of
travel! How many have realized that travel is more than getting money out of it, increasing the
followers count and clicking cool pictures for social media profiles?
It was in one of my regular searches that I accidentally got to check full time world traveler
TOM’s profile. He is a Dutch traveling continuously since 2012.To have a conversation with him
and to know his ideas on what travel is all about truly opened a new window of opportunities
and chances for me. I am sharing bits and pieces of our conversations with my readers,
especially for those who are searching for travel ideas, tips and a push to begin the journey.
Have a happy reading.


COVID-19 has temporarily stopped the travel plans of many among us and we are eager to see
what the new travel normal is. When asked about what it will be; Tom said, “I don’t think travel
will change. Coronavirus is a temporary thing. In a year or a year and a half, everything is going
to go back to normal. Nobody will talk about it later. In my opinion, people actually got sacred
by the media. Well, I see in Holland, we just have 20 cases left and its zero deaths per day. It is
kind of over in many parts of the world, though I know in many other countries it is not. Trust
me when I say this, It is all going to go back to normal but it will take just little bit more time.”


Each of us will have a favorite country or a dream destination. Tom got confused when I asked
him to choose the 5 best countries he has visited. “That is pretty hard to say. So many countries
but I think I should pick a couple. But my question is how you can compare 1 country with
another. How can one compare Maldives with Nepal; beaches with mountains? Well, because I
am forced to choose 5 of my favorite, here are my picks. Nepal tops the list for sure; it has high
mountains and amazing people. Then for beaches, I choose Maldives. It has the best beaches in
the world, absolutely pristine, beautiful people and amazing Islands. Number 3 is New Zealand.
It has all, a good mix. Amazing people and it is far from the rest of the world, making it an off
beaten path. In the same line, I should mention Hawaii. I know Hawaii is not a country but is
same as New Zealand, an off the beaten path with an addition of mountains, relaxed life vibes
and so green. So, now I have only 1 country to choose and I vote for a place in Africa. That is
South Africa. It has astounding wildlife. None of the countries I mentioned so far has wildlife
factor in it. It is absolutely gorgeous to see wild animals in its habitat. It has all the wildlife you

can imagine, the food is good, people are lovely and it has amazing beaches. South Africa
definitely needs a spot in TOP 5.”




“Traveling is something that is different for everyone. Some people have to go explore the
world; some people want to get to know themselves. For me travelling is to satisfy my needs. I
really need to explore, I really need to meet new people. To see landscapes, to see what is
going on in this world and to see the beauty of this planet with my own eyes. To me, traveling is
all about exploring and fulfilling my happiness. You know, travelling just really makes me happy.
“, Tom elucidated.


There are many out there who love to travel, but postpone the plan due to lack of funds. Tom
has some tips to show how to travel the world on a budget. Check out his article ‘8 Tips on
How to Travel the World on a Budget’
and learn how to be a true globetrotter. And also, if you
want to know where to start as a backpacker, he has a list of cheap countries to begin with. He
has mentioned it all in the article titled ‘the best places to backpack in the world’.


I know it sounds like a really big step. But the first step is the small step. You just have to do it.
You have to be brave to take that first step. Because everyone who travels the world stepped
out of their bubble and went out on exploring; we all took that first step. And I remember when
I did it for the first time, I said; I am brave, I will do this. But after a couple of days, I started to
doubt. Did I make the right choice, but I push through it. First couple of days are really hard, but
once you push through it; you can have the best time in your life; trust me.


I couldn’t stop myself from asking Tom to narrate the best travel story he has lived. Without a
doubt, he went on to talk about Syria. “One of the most interesting travel stories for me as a
traveler is my visit to Syria. Lately, I went to visit it. Obviously, we all know that Syria is a

country that is torn by war and torn by powers from outside and inside alike. It is crazy to see
what is happening in Syria. But I went to the country in August 2019 and I was one of the few
first tourists that ever made it back to Syria after they stopped incoming tourism for 9 long
years. That whole trip was an insane experience for me as a traveler and I have never seen
anything like that in all these years. Crumbled cities not buildings, desperate people and
completely destroyed places that I have seen only in movies. But what I did see on the other
side is amazingly happy people. Genuine people, lovely people, very warm hearted and very
open to talk about what happened in those crazy 9 years of war. War is not yet over, but most
of Syria is set free and you are allowed to travel. “Tom has more to share about his Syria trip
through his blog 15 best things to do in Syria. Read it to get clear insights from someone who
has been there and had the first hand experiences.

Well, if you are a wandering soul or has an irresistible desire to know this world- up, close and
personal, consider TOM’s blogs as the travel BIBLE.

Follow his website for more interesting stories:

Also, take that small step out of your comfort zone to
experience life to the fullest.