I stopped picking calls from people I know from the 1st to 10th of every month. This is the time, my friends and family would love to dial my number and ask for money. When they ask for it, they don’t see the hard work and the number of hours I have spent arranging letters and alphabets. Then, shape and submit it to the clients, followed by multiple revisions, rejections and happy dance on acceptance. At the end of the month, I get a fixed amount of Indian rupees that would easily fit in a tiny piggy bank.

When it comes to writing, most of my folks have a negative opinion.  Some of them are loud enough to ask questions like, “What will you earn by writing?” or “How are you going to manage your life just by scribbling your stupid thoughts?”  Well, now I have an answer for this. “I will get a few Gandhi notes, but someday, you would want to ask me for some money.” And the truth is, I don’t lend money to those who disrespect my profession. Writing is something that supported me emotionally and financially all throughout my life. To me, writing is more than a scope to earn. It is my passion. I don’t sell my heart or art to anyone who doesn’t understand me. 

If I didn’t have the skill to write, I would have gone hungry.  I am sure about it. So money that I make out of it will be used to pursue my dreams. It’s a lonely journey indeed, but it is worth keep trying than chasing the wrong people. Like human beings, writing uses language to communicate. But the only difference is written words blanket me with utmost comfort, while people use words to hurt.

Do you have a passion? And you feel the entire world is against you? Close your eyes and move into a secluded place.  You will be happy, doing what you love.