I think the biggest inspiration for a stand –up comedy would come from corporate houses.

Now that I whiled away my entire youth in some of the boring brick and mortar business houses, making the rich, even richer; I can even laugh at myself.

 I have genuinely stringed my words together to create some of the best write-ups for the companies with CEOs who cannot even understand the language.

In fact, it is demeaning, but in a way it is hilarious too.

I am just given 26 letters to play with every day and I have to make bread and butter out of it.

Sometimes at the end of the day, the byline goes to the undeserved and I laugh at it too.

A creative writer’s life is a juggle between sarcasm and awe.

Can you write it for free?


Hilarious, I am sorry; “No, I won’t.”

This is my art and to get the aforementioned balance, I had to start a little bit early.