What does it take to reflect a smile on your face? A sec or may be less than a sec! But still it is the most expensive and scanty gift we get from people. A smile can totally change a person from a stranger to a family member. The days which are hard to pull through, the hours which are handled under pressure, the moment you are planning to give up; imagine someone smiles at you from a distance. A smile of reassurance, a smile of guarantee, a smile of support, a smile of love, a smile of belonging, isn’t that the biggest gift that you could have ever received? We live in the era of fake emoticons and yellow smileys. And what we miss is that genuine smile that provides a deeper strength and the power it harnesses within seconds.

My daily smile for the security bhaiya at my office gate, my smile for the street children I see at the signal, the smile for the old spinster lady next door, the smile for a total stranger lost in the city; had always returned back to me abundantly in a different form. On the rainy days I get a special vehicle parking area, those street children smile back at me on those days I cannot smile, the old spinster lady invite me for a cup of coffee just in time I have another migraine attack and I strongly believe that a smile can create a chain reaction.

Smile is a universal language and it is an art that we need to teach our future generation. It is the sign of equality and an attitude that nobody can steal from you. Still nobody teach this at school, neither in college nor in any other institution. Don’t you remember your first time performance on the stage, how your anxiety was alleviated by your parent’s smile, don’t you remember the mass punishments you got during the schooldays  and how you made it a celebration in distress smiling at each other. Yet, we forgot that simple key to happiness; the only curve that is so straight. SMILE.

I am the biggest fan of people who can smile the best. Its not that they are the happiest people on the face of the earth, they have nothing and smile is all they have. Anybody will fall in love with their perfectly curved smile.  In contrary to that I have had met people who have got everything in their life, yet smile seems an alienated gesture. You smile at them; they hunt for intentions behind it, the reasons, the conspiracy and what not? Neither do they smile nor do they appreciate one who can genuinely smile.

Why do you need a reason to smile? You are alive at this moment to read this blog, isn’t that remarkable! One more day on this planet EARTH; when many could not see the sunset. If the first rain drop of the season on your face or the first flower bloomed in your garden or a good quote from the book you read or the achievement of your best friend or new recipe you learnt to cook or the rainbow you saw in the cloud or the marvelous painting you saw at the exhibition or the naughty smile of the neighbor kid you met in the lift or the funny joke your colleague just made or the soothing music you just heard cannot make you happy. Trust me; you are missing out on a lot. If the tiny things cannot make you happy then I learnt the hard way there is nothing else in the world that will help you create that beautifully curved SMILE.

We as a country produce excellent human resource, intellectuals, skilled laborers, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, writers, geniuses but we are a generation of total depression and anxiety. An era of grave seriousness; if your smile can dissolve the gloom hovering over our country, why not try this. SMILE.  Your SMILE can shorten the MILES.

Hope you enjoyed the read,

Smile smiles from miles:)