Today, in the interview section I am glad to introduce an eminent entrepreneur, a virtuoso digital marketeer, a design junkie, a multi-talented sportsperson, Mindstorm CEO, India’s Fastest Swimmer 2005 and PM’s Guest 2009: Aniketh D’souza. His ideas on digital marketing, transcends the usual text book definitions and undoubtedly he is one of the best Digital Marketeer in the country.

To Interview him on a random note was initially thought to be fun but instead I learned quite a lot. He is like the famed apple tree, under which Isaac Newton happened to sit. Talk to him and have a conversation; I assure you that you go back with something worth learning.  And the best part is that he does not mind sharing his in-depth knowledge with newbies.

Keeping aside his entrepreneurial expertise, he is a man of simplicity, fun and sports.  To find out more about him, read on…

Who is Aniketh as a person, a businessman, an entrepreneur, a sportsperson or a happy-go-lucky person?

I see myself as an entrepreneur helping businesses leverage digital medium for their marketing and communications. As a person, I am an introvert; and I am proud because this video helped me shape my thoughts. Most people are offended when one calls them an introvert and many don’t realize the power of introverts. I have chosen a career that is my passion. I love designs and branding as subjects. Moreover I have had a mindset that constantly reminds me to push myself to be the first to experience or try the next big thing.

As a sportsperson, I have had a vibrant past being an Ekalavya Awardee from the Govt. of Karnataka, winning India’s Fastest Swimmer title in 2005 and setting 17 National Records in my sports career. I am lucky enough to Represent India at 3 Asian Championships and 1 Commonwealth Youth Games; which in turn did increase my exposure. Follow me on Twitter @aniketh


When was Mindstorm established and what is it all about?

Mindstorm was founded in September 2014 with a vision to set new standards for the Marketing and Communications industry in India by enabling global practices. I personally believed that this could happen through ‘Humanized Automation’ – Automate everything you can automate, personalize everything else.

If you happened to observe Mindstorm’s logo closely the left side of it symbolizes speed & the right a human face. Mindstorm & its tagline ‘Leveraging Chaos’ is derived from a fact that the marketing space & the way consumers react to accept brand communication will evolve at speeds much faster. The way to succeed in such conditions is to not resist but to use what you have around you and keep pushing oneself forward to create or build something that your customers would love to engage with. ‘Mindstorm’ as a brand wasn’t conceptualized to solve Digital Marketing solutions alone and hence avoided the need to have ‘social’ or ‘digital’ within the name. Mindstorm was conceptualized to grow beyond Digital.


India’s fastest swimmer 2005, how did it all begin: the love for water?

It started when I was 4 in my hometown Mangalore. My dad took me to the pool and I was inspired by my cousin swimming 10 meters. My dad tells me that back then I was inspired by it and I decided to learn swimming however he just wanted me to learn the basics. Swimming for fun turned to swimming for training and I went along to swim my first national meet in 1996 – I was in 3rd standard. My parents AND teachers supported me to pursue swimming and since then I never looked back. In total I would have won about 42 golds at National meets setting 17 National records. In 2003 when I represented India my excitement hit a peak. I stood 5th at the International event and then continued to move my training to Bangalore with top coaches – Nihar Ameen and later Pradeep Kumar.

Check out the interview of Aniketh done way back in 2007 by Daijiworld TV



What is your true idea about digital marketing?

Like any other media of Marketing, Digital Marketing is merely a media that enables people or brands to get known. The only difference is that it requires much lower investment but higher time commitment.


How important is content in today’s world?

Extremely important. That’s cause most businesses believe that content is king. Also content is more shareable. I believe in the power of conversations and relationships. Content for me simply becomes a piece of info (in form of text, pic or video) that I’d like to share my views and thoughts with. I look at content from its most basic functionality. Read my article on Content is King, Design is Queen, Conversation is Sex.


Where did you learn your marketing lessons?

I learn daily. I am inspired by case studies. I learnt most of them through my clients, friends, family and marketing folks like Seth Godin, Brian Solis, Chris Brogan, Martin Lindstrom, Jeremy Geutche, Simon Sinek and Ryan Holiday. I follow quite a number of blogs and I have curated their sources at this link for everyday reading for me and my team. I call it my personal Live Newsroom and it curates new developments instantly.


How will you define success?

Success for me is when I realize that my efforts have fulfilled their purpose.


What is your normal day like?

My normal day begin by checking my notifications, breakfast, clear emails, head to work, come back, watch something on a Video on Demand service, clear notifications, look up for design trends in websites & UI and then head to sleep. I cover up on digital marketing news when I travel. You could use this tutorial to set it up – Catching up with News for mobile or check my Live Newroom from Desktop everyday.


You are an Ekalavya award recipient, how did it happen?

It was simple for me although I didn’t expect it. I simply knew I had to be the fastest swimmer in India to increase my points and that title helped me win it.


A word about

I have an eye for design and I love your website. I’m intrigued with the concept of bringing writers together. I do not think this would be impossible as this is how Mashable, Social Samosa, The Next Big What, Tech in Asia started. I would want to wish you the very best.


Thank You Aniketh, for this wonderful interview. And I am sure the readers will agree to my caption, you are indeed the digital marketeer’s apple tree.