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One can arrange words in any scheme. That is the beauty of literature. Comedy, drama, horror fiction, romance, tragedy, satire, fantasy or mythology; they are all deliberate use of meaningful words. Poems are the jokers in the literary circus club. The centre of attraction capable of evoking a sea of expressions and emotions in a reader. So, writing poems entails condensed creativity and reflects word play.

Women in Rhymes; my poetry treasure that is being published on my pages on a daily basis is my humblest effort to showcase different shades in a woman’s life in verses. How many hours do you take to write these poems?, a question posed to me by those who read and appreciate my scribbles. Well, let me explain the reality. To be frank, I do not track the time taken to write them. However, I don’t remember taking more than 10 minutes for any of the #WomenInRhymes series poems. It is definitely a spontaneous outflow of words.And I am sure many of my fellow poets and poetesses can relate to what I just said.                                                                                                  

poetry 123Unlike other forms of writing, a free verse poem has no pre-planned structure or blue prints. You may get to read hundreds of online tips for writing better poems or you may read books on How to write poetry? Trust me it is more or less like reading how to give birth to a child?. You use those tips or you don’t, it is a natural process. Poems are born, the way it wants and during the unprepared hour of the day. By calculating the time of writing, deciding on the words to use and fixing on a subject to write on is like going for a C-section. The real euphoria comes after the natural birth. If you are a free verse poet, don’t force yourself to write. Let it spill out of you spontaneously.

Such genuine poems are definitely a dark art. It conceals meanings within meanings. Some of us are wizards and witches casting spells in the form of written verses . We change words into worlds and vice-versa. The choice of words, metaphors, similes and analogies used shows a poet’s taste of life. To know a poet/poetess, read his or her poems. Poetry can change life, views, perspectives and sometimes cast peace and love on darkness. Well, don’t take it lightly. It is a power potion. This is not the case always. Some of the poems intend nothing.These poems are a poet’s appreciation towards nature and the world. Read them because life is not always about changes, it is also about appreciating the life as it is.

Apart from free verse poems, there are other complex forms used by expert poets like limerick, epic poem, terza rima, ballad,sonnets, tanka, ode, lyric, epitaph and a lot more. It is better to leave the complex format in the hands of poetry doyens.

#WomenInRhymes are simple free verse poems from a woman’s writing desk for celebrating womanhood. Do continue to read them @EmilyParker and send suggestions. Let the dark art of poetry, continue to join the dots, narrow the gaps between hearts and bring us closer. 

Smile Smile from Miles,

Nameeta Renchi/Emily Parker

Prior to publishing this blog, I had asked a few of my fellow poets and writers on how much time do they take to write poems? Read below their interesting replies.

“For me, time stands still when I write poetry. Poetic licenses aside, it depends on the poem”Rejoy Pannakal, Writer 


“Somewhere between 15-20 minutes to be exact i.e. for sonnets.”Shreyan Laha, Content Writer


“Some times it took 10-15 min and some times it takes hours and some times full-day and some times poem incomplete for years. So you know it is really very difficult for me to explain you exact time Emiiii
But I always love Your poems.”Kumar Raj, poetry enthusiast


“It depends on many factors: 1. Mood of the writer, 2. Environment, 3. Mental alertness, 4. Concentration, 5. Inner Child’s whispers: Our emotions do not have much time ito be involved. Unless we primarily give some kind of clear focusing or attention, the emotion will prevent us from gaining access to the inner child, which lies at a deeper level underneath the human soul.”Williamsji Maveli, Poet