Apparently it was a lazy Sunday, woke up at 10 am craving for more sleep. But somehow I ditched my bed walked straight towards my terrace garden to see some beautiful flowers that had bloomed over the night. The day was light and fond; kindling some happiness spark. Totally, I was in a mood for some lustrous poetry with my coffee and breakfast.

Searched the internet and found this person, Praveen Ranjit; who fills his facebook wall with random poems on a daily basis. So, I thought he deserves a space here on my website, for his passion for writing and love for poetry. His poem may not be a great one, but what caught my attention was his definition of togetherness. As usual my curious self peeped into his social media page;  he recently celebrated his wedding anniversary, bliss of more than a decade of togetherness. His poem still holds a difference in opinion for today’s generation, we all fall in love, and it is rare that I see people rise in love.  Well, my favorite line is ‘Draw no timeline, to live together’ Whats yours?


                                                                                       RISE FOR LOVE

Don’t fall in love,

And drown in it.

Step into it,

And rise for love.


It is not a game,

Mind it,

It is forever.


Happens naturally,

Not to be fought.

Free of doubt,

No tiny Cracks.


Need no question,

Only answer.

To dominate each other,

Never ever try.


Always have to,

Move together.

Draw no timeline,

To live together.


Surf never ever,

Each other’s past.

Help each other,

Heal the wounds.


Happy always,

Live for now.

In peace of mind,

Like never before.