A couple of months ago, I came home with a terrible headache, workplace tensions and unwanted worries. Didn’t know how to beat my melancholy mood! Music has always been a quick fix for my pendulum mood swings. Like always, I started looking for some great soothing music and for my all time favorites. By chance I came across an amazing voice, a cover version of A. R. Rahman’s song; Munbe Vaa Yen Anbe Vaa sung by a young lad in a black and white video. For the most of the video he has sung with his eyes closed, as if he was searching for his soul’s best tune.

When I decided to feature a few of the best budding talents; undoubtedly I had Santosh Tumnar in my mind. With this interview; I am happy to introduce Bangalore’s own batman with the sweetest voice. I am sure my readers would be wondering why I chose to give him the strangest title. Find it out, read on….

Santosh Tumnar, you are a singer; who is supposedly be singing for your huge fans out here in India; what are you doing in Germany?

I’ve always dreamt, since childhood, to be recognized and be called as an artist. You, starting off this interview calling me a ‘singer’, have overwhelmed me. First of all, thank you for that. And yes, my songs on various platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud will be singing always on my behalf irrespective of wherever I am in this advanced technological world we live in. I am doing my Masters Degree in Embedded System Design in Bremen State, Germany.                                                                                                                              001-1

Tell me a bit about your personal life; your home, safe zone, likes and dislikes?

My personal life is very less accessible to public. To be honest, music has always been very personal to me. I always made music for myself, never really imagined or worried as to what others think about it. It is my friends and closed ones who pushed me to slowly release my recordings to public, it’s like they always knew others would like my music too. (I still have hundreds of recordings unreleased).

I make music without setting any boundaries in my mind. I make music without thinking about any competition, trend, likes and comments on social networking platforms. My music is literally free and independent, always open for collaboration.

I come from a place called Tumakuru (Tumkur).  And we live in Bangalore.

Likes: I am a hardcore Rock, Metal and Classical music fan; I listen to all genres of music from Carnatic classical to Rock to Pop to Metal to Jazz to Blues to Filmy; a big movie buff; extremely interested in Photography, Movie Making & Editing. If you have observed, I have always edited my videos and directed them. If I do not get a desired shot in terms of photography, I go behind the camera and shoot it myself.

Dislikes: Remixes

Your Fb pic is a Batman, are you a comic fan; still living your boyhood?

Ha.. Ha..  Good question. The Batman & the Joker are my favorite characters. These characters are beyond boyhood or anything else. I love the Christopher Nolan’s version of these characters. The quotes from the characters like “Fear will find you again”, “Give people a mask and they’ll show their real self”, “when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object”, “Some men just want to watch the world burn” etc. still haunt me day and night.

P.S: The picture you’ve seen is of the action figure of Batman that I carry everywhere and keep clicking photos with it and that is one of them.

When did your love for music start and which is your most favorite song?

It’s hard to pin point a specific time, but I think it was the year 1997 that I felt I had an inclination towards music. Well, there are hundreds of my favorite songs. I can tell you my recent-most favorites; Moth Into Flame (Metallica), Baana Thoredu Neeli (Pushpaka Vimana) and Hanikarak Bapu (Dangal).


How many YouTube videos are already out for public view and how is the response?

There are 5 YouTube videos out for public as of now. The response has been overwhelming. I think twice about publicizing my videos. So all of the response I’ve got for the videos and audio is purely because of well-wishers and friends on Facebook sharing my work. I feel grateful for it. Each and everyday I wake up to at least 2 unique fan messages either on Facebook or YouTube. I feel very happy and at the same time very astonishing as to how personally people take my music. A lot of them even say that my voice and music is like a healing to them; which is really a very big thing to me. As an artist, when you make a piece of music, all of these will not be in your mind at all. You just make it. But when the audience listens to it, they try to imagine and relate the music uniquely to each of their lives. It feels very awe-inspiring to me and drives me to make more music. The audience has been happy that I reply to each of their comments on YouTube and respond to them on Facebook too. Very rarely I get a negative feedback to which I respond thankfully and consider their suggestions and work on them sincerely. That’s how I feel I can develop as an artist. And I wish I keep getting honest feedback from people.

Check out his new album @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y53wE1tbgGY

What is your typical day like?

 Very unplanned. Period.

What are your future projects?

Working on 3 music projects of which I can reveal the name of only one as of now. It’s called RGB000. But I think and hope that 2017 will be very eventful and full of music and art collaborations from my side.

A software engineer with a love for singing; how do you balance?

Problem arises only at a point where you try to balance it all. I believe not to balance your passions with the practicality of life itself. As I said earlier, I do not make music setting boundaries like competition, deadline or anything. As a working engineer, there’s always a bit of pressure in that work due to deadlines. To be honest, colleagues in office hardly knew that I am a singer. I never talked about it or revealed that part of myself to office colleagues. Same way, my artistic friends whom I work with for my songs and videos hardly knew that I worked as an engineer. The moment I mix these two, I will start balancing it and it will all turn into havoc.

So, two different persons inside me. All the time.

Kahin To Hogi Woh; your new cover, tell us more about it

Kahin To Hogi Woh audio was recorded in August 2015. But just like every year, on Nov 9th 2015 also I had planned a release of my new original song that got shelved due to some reasons. Since then, I wasn’t able to properly work on anything until December 2015. A new original song was made then but wasn’t released because  the idea I had for the music video of that song was way too expensive and complicated at that point in time and I felt that it shouldn’t be released by compromising on it. So that was kept aside. Later I was caught up with exams and Master Thesis Research and finally I planned and shot a simple video for ‘Kahin To’  in the first week of November 2016 with the help of a couple of artistic and talented friends in Germany, as I love the autumn season. And it was finally out for public on the 9th of November 2016. There always are crazy stories behind every project.

That was an amazing interview Batman, Thank you and wish you all the best!

Santosh’s Message. I Cherish. “The website has turned out very well giving space and platform for various activities, introducing new artists, diving into the other side of their unexposed life etc. I wish the website becomes even more eventful and may all the artistic things happen to you and the website.”