How long does it take to make a friend? 6 minutes or 60 days! There isn’t actually any right or wrong time. When you make a friend, make it for a lifetime, this is a relevant tip for the day.  

As a woman of few words and more of pen down nonsense, rarely I get to make some solid relationship. However, I believe the very few who are in my life have the immense depth and shows solidarity in whatever steps I take in my life.

Recently, I came across a beautiful statement on Instagram which said, “Go to the end of the friendship, it is beautiful than love” Not sure, who has written it, but it is an undeniable truth.

There are different types of friends. One who calls in the middle of the night asking whether I am doing well? Then, there are a few with telepathic connection. For instance, I pick my phone to call a specific friend and the very same moment, I get the call from this person. Weird, the way we all are connected. Then, there are enemies who became friends or rather, the ones whom you thought are of out of reach and they support you at a difficult moment. Isn’t that amazing?

Well, I also make friends with those who are from a different era, either too young or too old and I cherish these friendships. It is like getting to know the prequel or the sequel of your story. But you know, who my most precious ones are; ‘I will die for them kind of friends?’  Undoubtedly, these are the ones who share the same creative level of madness like mine; ready to pick me up when I stop writing, giving that right push to do better in life. These people are rare diamonds, I have had saved them up in my memory chest.

How many friends do you have? And how often, do you call them up?  If this blog reminded you to call a friend whom you haven’t called up in a while, do it now.