The day I stepped into my new office, I clearly remember your cold stares Sangeetha Lawrence. Never even in my imagination I thought you hid a melodious voice behind that bold looks of yours. I even remember the day you sang John Legend’s ‘All of me’ leaving me searching for words deep within to appreciate that beautiful voice of yours. Yet, I am astounded by the fact that you never had a professional training in singing.

It is not the story of yours alone, it is the story of many I know: Just because people around you didn’t find the genius in you doesn’t mean you have to be blind towards your true passion.  The guitar you bought out of love in the corner of your room yearns for your caring touch, love it and I am sure its going to love you back unconditionally.  Sang, like I call you often; I truly want to see you pursue singing. Your flair for language, perfect pronunciation and knack for picking up any tune is something many cannot achieve even after proper professional vocal training.

We all need something to hang on during the days we feel like titanic, about to sink. Music is for sure a strong element to hold on.  The days I begged you to sing a song; I was feeling like a sinking ship. Trust me, music can heal and it can be the life buoy.

I am glad that I was able to nag you to record a song and I am happy that your best buddy Maria Euphrasia helped you with the chorus as well as the recording. Next time when you are in self doubt, I want you to open this blog link and listen to your own voice. Perhaps, till date you were deaf towards your inner voice. Now you cannot escape because it is recorded and let this be the milestone for a better journey.


Thanks for singing one of my favorite: Charlie Puth – Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor

Well, Should Sangeetha Pursue Singing?

Without doubt, I will be the first person to shout….Yes always!