Every summer in the town of Odanadu, toddy cats reproduced 4 to 5 young ones on the rooftop of my home. When mathematics teacher comes home for tuition and asks me to do Algebra, I wish ‘God, all the toddy cats should pee directly on the textbook, and the sums should vanish in its acidity.’ Trust me, continuous prayers by children are often answered much quicker. The day Shankar Ramachandran, the stubborn tuition teacher search for ways to torture me to do sums, the yellow liquid came pouring down like Manna from Heaven. Mathematics drenched in acidic urine of Civet Cats. I was okay with buying a new textbook from the school store. But I was not okay getting pinched by Mr. Shankar for one more day. The entire week he spent teaching me Algebra formulas must be the most strenuous week of his whole life and the most torturous of mine. I could see a rainbow of black and blue forming on my hands from the pinching I received from Mr. Shankar. He would have found dead cells of an 8-year-old under his long fingernails while washing hands for having a meal. Who said he is a vegetarian? He is indeed a non-vegetarian. He ate smooth skin of children with no interest in numbers along with Sambhar and Chutney