Jan 1st, 2020; offhandedly, I purchased a VIVO V17 48MP camera mobile phone. Thought of exclusive travel to bucket list destinations like never ever in my life. However, destiny had something else in store for me.  

Surviving a lockdown, holding hope closer than any other years of my life and working from home; all of these have slowed my brain. Instead of the camera that I thought would come in handy this year, I started using the alarm. Alarm for waking up, alarm for starting office tasks, alarm for cooking and alarm for every task that calls for my genuine attention for survival. Out of boredom, once in every 5 days, I change my alarm ringtone. Like titles of poems; ringtones have fancy names. Beautiful Touching, Flush of Dawn, Early in the morning, Moonlight, Morning Scene, Sound of the Sea, Thump, etc. The fact is that the alarm rings at the exact time set, but I do things when I feel like doing it. Still, I set it out of curiosity and in a hope that it will scare me to do things on time. There are days that I wish to use the phone camera more than the alarms. As if alarms are like opponents in a boxing ring. Every time I snooze, I feel like I have already won the day. Singing to a deaf person in variety music, encouraging the subject to push the day forward, it would have gone blind with the arrogance and intense dislike shown to it.  Meanwhile, the camera is sleeping peacefully.