Every food blogger write reviews of the top-notch restaurants and ultimate tastes, but for the first time ever I am here writing a food story. A romantic comedy at Benjarong, Bangalore. Like any other tale, I start my story with ‘once upon time’. Hope this new way of food reviewing will not only fix the trouble of explaining just food, ingredients, ambiance and taste but readers will find it extremely entertaining.

Taste, ambiance and services at Benjarong, Bangalore is significant. I appreciate the warm and wholehearted gestures extended to a first-time guest like me. I agree, it is the best Thai Restaurants in Bangalore. 

Once upon a time in Issan province of Thailand, people prepared food with secret ingredients that gave their cuisine irresistible taste and flavors. From far and wide many visited Issan homes just to taste these specially prepared foods with delicate textures and strong aroma. None of the Issan home cooks shared their secrets with the visitors nor was the food available in any restaurants.

That’s when a few hoteliers and ambitious chefs from India decided to bring the authentic Isaan Thai food to their newly opened restaurant Benjarong in Bangalore. Despite hardships and challenges, the chefs traveled to Thailand; dedicated their time to learn the special way of cooking Issan food from a secret someone who offered to teach them the art of authentic Issan cooking on one condition. The expert cook asked the trainees to assure, they will provide the exact taste to their guests back in Benjaorng in India and taste will always remain the same no matter what. Benjarong Chefs follows the word given to their master cook even today. They are now the most wanted Thai cooks appreciated by anybody visiting their beautifully designed restaurant in Ulsoor Road, Bangalore. (Self Talk: * “I cannot believe I am cooking up a story in a restaurant”)

The story teller in me couldn’t help to visit these taste champs to get first hand information and experience their exquisite taste from the kitchen. I was welcomed by a lady at the door wearing chut thai ( a thai outfit) with all smiles. The restaurant at the second floor of the building, was all embellished with purple orchids for celebrating Issan food festival. Like intimated beforehand, Manager Biju John accompanied me to a cozy corner table. Out of curiosity I asked him why the restaurant is named Benjarong? well the word is inspired from the kind of painted Thailand porcelain and it usually comes in 5 colors. I managed to click a pic of the real Benjarong showcased in one of the shelves at the restaurant. To give the feel and ambiance of Thailand, the space is furnished with antiques, effigies of Buddha adorned in gold color, and  brass cutleries have Thai elements on them.


Miang Kham

By the time I had a regular talk about how a 22 employee team is running an authentic Thai restaurant, loved by normal folks and foodies alike; I was served with the welcome appetizer. The snack looks like our Indian Paan got married to someone in Thailand to create the next generation super healthy tasty Miang Kham (Food wrapped in Piper sarmentosum leaves). The filling mostly contains; shallots, bird’s eye peeper, ginger, cashew nuts, garlic, lime, coconut shavings and
sweet palm syrup. Despite having pungent and spicy ingredients in it, the wrap gives a completely different taste while chewing. A must try, if you sometime visit Benjarong.

The next plate served contained raw papaya salad enhanced with vegetable carvings. I never knew Papaya tasted so pleasant. It is the best choice for a foodie looking for a healthy eats out menu. I didn’t complete the servings because my mouth was already watery for the next serving of Gai Hor Bai Toey (Chicken pieces wrapped in Pandanus Leaves and deep fried) and Satay Neau (beef kebabs on short sticks with a traditional nahm jim jaew dip). I hope, nobody was embarrassed by the way I ate succulent juicy and perfectly cooked meat. I was totally indulged in tasting and entertaining myself with the unparalleled hospitality that I forgot to click the pics of a few dishes.

befunky-collageThe Tom Yum soup served in the flow of meal course, gave me a fair idea of Thai gastronomy. It is a perfect blend of strong aroma, health and fresh ingredients. Even If you eat double the quantity than usual, I assure you Thai food will never give you the heavy feeling after eating.  At Benjarong, fresh coconut milk is used in most of the Thai dishes giving them a delicate taste yet no heaviness. The steam rice, noodle and green curry served was above average compared to other Thai restaurants in the city but I felt like writing a poem dedicated to this particular dish that made me completely speechless. The taste of fish n’ basil sauce and chilly served at Benjarong, cannot be described. It is an experience of gnawing the best, juicy, soft, and melting in the mouth butterfish with a saucy tang to it. A must try from the regular menu.


Tub Tim Krob

Along with tasting  the best Thai food available in Bangalore, I got lessons in using Chops sticks, met some regular customers at the outlet promising my verdicts are right and got lucky to taste the best dessert; ‘Tub Tim Krob’. Tub Tim Krob looks like a newly wed Christian bride, wearing snow white gown having purple bouquet in hand. I am not kidding, It’s the most good looking dessert I have had ever come across. If I were a man, I would have probably married Tub Tim Krob. Well, it is nothing but Thai red rubies in coconut milk.

Well, if you are looking for an authentic Thai taste in a medium price range and serving starters to desserts visit Benjarong.  Prefer booking your tables for the best service. I had a great gastronomical journey with team Benjarong. I am sure I will visit the restaurant atleast to meet my sweetheart Tub Tim Krob.

The End

Information at a Glance:

Cost for 2: 1500 Rupees

Cuisine: Thai

Website: http://www.benjarong.in/

Bangalore Outlet: Ulsoor Road, Behind Manipal Center