To begin with, Joseph Annamkutty Jose is not a motivational speaker. When asked about it, he said, “I don’t understand the theory and practices of becoming a motivational speaker. I give my shot at helping or rather inspire others to do better in their life and achieve more. I have checked many resources to understand the meaning of both ‘Motivation’ and ‘Inspiration’. Well, I comprehend the fact that, motivational speaking is a set of well defined principles and it is not my cup of tea.”
This same man, who published his autobiography at the age of 27, working as an RJ at Radio Mirchi, with thousands of fans following motivated me, *sorry; ‘helped’ me on one of my darkest days. He was kind enough to send me an exclusive video quoting the great writer Paulo Coehlo, “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”
josephGive a man; money, power and glory. If this man still remains the same and treats others around him equal; then I guess he is a gentleman. Joseph, our hero belongs to this clan of men. So, I am not going to use words like ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ in this entire interview because our protagonist voice simplicity, humbleness and true value of living.(* For those who don’t know ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’. here is the explanation. It is a word used by author and politician Shashi Tharoor to announce his new book. The word means ‘the action or habit of estimating something as worthless’. Mr. Tharoor was criticised by many for using such a complicated word) So, read on the entire interview of this multitalented person. Read on..
How did you enjoy speaking at TEDx?
I am very happy that I become a part of TEDx that was organized at SJCET, Pala (Kerala) earlier this year. The selection process by the advisory panel was quite tough. It was a super proud moment.
Do you follow other great motivational speakers like Jay Shetty?
Well, I don’t watch any of them. In fact, I don’t even know who Jay Shetty Is. Words and sentences should flow naturally. Supposedly, if a person is sad, it is natural to cry. Accept and move on. I don’t believe any motivational talk can bring happiness to a person instantaneously.
I don’t prepare my words and I don’t watch any inspirational videos. Recently, I watched the Nobel Prize for Peace winner Nadia Murad’s speech. Or I read books. These are my preferences. As a human being, even I hit rock bottoms sometimes. I cry and I call upon friends for help like any other normal person.
Why do you quote mostly Paulo Coehlo than other writers?
I guess, many of his quotes we can relate to in our personal life. At least, I am able to relate.
Have you ever thought you will become a successful speaker?
Never ever. I studied in a Malayalam medium school. Though the spark of public speaking was always present in me. I used to try it out on school stages and my parents helped me a lot in developing my talent. Both of them are professors. I remember, coming to a big city like Bangalore for doing my further studies in Christ University. InitiallyI was so confused and vulnerable among the city bred youngsters. But the Christ experience nurtured me into a person with confidence. Moreover, I believe that the script of our life is prewritten and this is my destiny.
What is the secret of a happy life?
Though there is no thumb rule, I would say; it is a concoction of innocence, spirituality, good family environment and love that makes this life truly satiable. But most importantly, accept life as it is.

The above TEDx talk of Joseph Annamkutty Jose will definitely bring a smile on your face.  

Who are the people who inspired you the most in your life?
I am inspired by 3 people. First, a Christian priest of immense knowledge. His name is Bobby Jose Kattikadu. His books and speeches continues to inspire me in every walk of my life.
Second, Arun Jose; he is my beloved brother. His love, support and care are invaluable. 
Third, Tinu Joseph; I value her friendship. She makes me a better a person.
How do you deal with criticisms?
The best way to deal with criticism is to focus more on other positive things and ignore negative aspects. Sometimes, fans and followers create emotional roller coaster rides within me, but I keep focusing on better productive things in life. I am lucky enough to have supportive parents. Imagine failing a major exam in MBA and had to write the same exam with the juniors. In such situations, one need courage to push forward and have hope for a better tomorrow. 
Tell us about your future plans.
I don’t plan for more than 3 months time ahead of this very moment. So, in the next 3 months time; I am planning to come out with my second book based on real life incidents and also would be travelling to a few new places.
Message to My Readers
Don’t follow me. Instead, follow my words.