In the beginning of this century, our country saw some of the melodious and well choreographed music albums. In south India, it began as a popular cult and its sensation diminished by the perforation of social media. Manish Borundia is one those very few actors and models of the bygone era whom we music lovers refuse to forget. He was a well known name in the advertisement industry as well. While zealot of album songs turned their heads towards YouTube, Manish retracted himself from the focus of attention and celebrity status to the retail industry space. He talks about what happened in-between and where is he now.….


Once an amazing actor and a model; why did you disappear from the limelight?


This industry is not an easy job, without connections and God father only 1% get clicked. I have tried my best and was successful with good roles and great advertisements with the best brands. But in movies, I wasn’t lucky and had no connections or contacts. You either need to pay huge amount to become an actor or need to butter the mediator. 


Let’s talk about your career. How many films have you made?


I have done 6 Tamil films as Supporting roles as Hero’s bro/friend or Heroine’s bro. All films are huge hits like Kushi, Minnale, Parthen Rasithen, Amarkalam, Madarsi etc.
2 Films as Hero in Kannada both even today common people recognise me and ask for pics. They admire my looks and insist me to do more films like Jootata and Nannusire.
90 plus Ad films and 2 music videos to add to my list.


What do you do these days and don’t you miss the industry?


One has 2 options: 
  • Run behind industry forever till you make it larger or die trying to make it larger.
  • Quit acting and do something to earn bread n’ butter for your family and for your living. 
I choose the latter. Anyone who says I don’t miss the industry is lying big time. Yes I do miss the industry a lot… Its where you are recognized and respected… love fame and money.


Anytime planning to bounce back and can we see you on the big screen?


If I have contacts and channel to approach big names and request work on my acting ability, Yes… I am all ready to bounce back.
The Ad agency in Mumbai and Chennai even today come for my acting ability and talent. But the film industry is a totally different ball game.


Your best memories while working with great actors?


2 mega actors I have closely been associated are Tamil Actor Ajith Kumar and Hindi Actor Salman Khan.
They will always be my life time heroes and great human beings. They respect everyone around them and give a lot to people without blowing their trumpets. Even today when we meet up they immediately hug and offer a chair for me to sit beside them, they chit chat and offer food. They have donated a huge, huge amount for betterment of life around them, but never leak their deeds in public. I feel they deserve a special award in Filmfare and the category should be ‘philanthropy’.


Working in the retail industry, do you feel out of place?


Actually no. Here I meet various people and gets opportunities to talk and express. We all are actors and perform acting in various sectors. Just that here in Retail; only hand full notice you and in Film Industry millions notice.


How is your daily life like? 


I still have my disciplined life by waking up by 5 am and sleeping by 10:30 pm. I hate parties. Travel and movies are all I enjoy. People generally say I am a boring guy. LOL!


Do you still workout and do regular exercises? 


I love looking fit and handsome. Don’t know when God showers movie offer and I must be ready for it. Yes. I have put on little, but I do workout and make sure I look good.. 


Tell us more about your family and how they are supporting your dreams


My parents and sister have always supported my every decision and have been proud of me. Till date I haven’t smoked or tried drinking alcohol. I fell on my own feet at the age of 16 and since then maturity has hit me hard. I know my grounds and my mentor Ajith taught me the art of giving. Its is a blessing. I have always done my bit and I enjoy doing it…
I got married 3 yrs ago. To my luck and God’s blessings my wife too is supportive and understands me. Life is a struggle and when I have people like them to stand head raised besides me.What else do I need! 


Message to my Readers
Life is going to be tough with every passing day. Live to fullest, but with dignity and honesty. Nothing is better than sharing happiness and money with others. Try living for others and you will be happier than ever.Technology is the only growth and wishing the website loads of success and prosperity.