She is just 7,

A prodigy in music.

Moonlight Sonata flow magically out of her piano,

Stirring souls and leaving no dregs.

Her classical instrument,

The one which her bàba bought for 1,164 Yuan,

Migrated with her family to the US.

In a new continent,

She isn’t a prodigy,

But another scapegoat of nasty racism.

Button eyed, snake eater, Coronavirus creator,
Untouchable, criminals, S**t Asian.

School is not a happy place for her.

The days when she is lonely,

Her music gave her comfort and hope.

And then arrived the day,

The day of the prestigious Emily Bear Awards,

The school chose her,

For her music has no color.

Her tiny fingers chose to play Joseph Bologne’s L’Amant Anonyme,

Breaking barriers and biases with her breathtaking music.

Standing ovation, a gold trophy, a scholarship and recognition,

She earned it in one night.

On the way back home.

Wrapping her tiny fingers around her dad’s,

She contemplated,

 An 88-Key piano has only 32 black keys for 52 white ones,

But the black ones create sharp notes.  

@Emily Parker


Posted on

March 27, 2021

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