Ever since Covid-19 has hit the world, everybody is talking about numbers. 500 people died, 5000 people died or 50, 000 people died. Are people numbers? Whether a person is 5 or 50; he or she is still a breathing fellow human being with dreams and aspirations.

Checking worldometer is not helping us find love and hope. I stopped checking the numbers long back, have you? You know what I am talking about, don’t you? Coronavirus Worldometer is running consistently for more than 4 months now like a fat someone is determined to reduce weight within a stipulated time. To the world after a certain point, persons become people, people become cases, cases become patients and then it’s a choice; one can come back as a cured case or as a memory forever. Same is the instance with places. Places become alert zones, red taped and banned. What we all forget is that the people and places are not just statistics.

If you see the trend in all the worst hit nations, those who have died are all elderly or with some kind of chronic conditions. This is said by youngsters as a factor to relax. Poor attitude, is it not? Elderly, poor and diseased has dreams too. They deserve to live like everybody else.

Even the world maps that are published online have dots and it reminds me of PAC-MAN. In the game, I can see the colored viruses. However, in the real situation; it is quite not possible. Then who decided the placement of dots on the maps? Heath authorities, Government bodies or a random artist? Comparison charts are the worse. Death in so and so country A is not as much as a country B, thousands of kilometers away and to supplement the findings, mainstream media add statistics with the regular X and Y axis. What the Journalists and online writers do not understand is that, these are not the things a common reader wants to read about, the first thing in the morning. Of course, everybody wants to know about the Coronavirus updates, but not exclusive news on death and recovery rates.

An older person’s death in a hospital bed is an opportunity for a young one to get treated but the old person is still a human being. As we all know that the age is just a number, dreams have no expiry date and elderly has more wisdom; everyone deserves to live.

Each death creates a void in someone’s heart. There is no Worldometer to measure the missing quotient. Covid deaths of elderly and those patients with chronic conditions should not be considered as a relief for the healthy ones. It is a reminder that ones the energy to serve is drained, we will all be considered as numbers. The numbers clearly bracketed and bucketed into headings that we don’t often choose. Our obsession with numbers is catalyzed by social media platforms that show likes and followers of a profile in numbers. The valid question is how do numbers determine authenticity of a person? Until we all realize that people are just not numbers and statistics, the number of those afflicted with arithmophobia will tremendously increase. So, forget the numbers and embrace humanity.