Some early morning texts sent by my friends and followers are energizing and motivating. When Dr. Aneesh Vidyashankar, Bangalore’s favourite violinist whazapp(ed) a regular mojo message on a Friday morning. It reminded me of how I missed out on writing a major interview because of my busy schedule. An interview of Malayali’s own violinist Abhijith P S Nair.

Dr Aneesh’s message included a quote by Albert Einstein, “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” how true! Talking about music, listening to someone play fiddle is a soothing experience on the days you feel dejected. Here is an excerpt of my interview with the young man from Vaikom, a place in Kottayam district. Read on to know more about him and his musical journey.

SAI_6179 2No one in his family play fiddle. When parents sent him to learn violin, he never even in his wildest imagination thought he will become one of the favourite musician of South India. Approximately 55, 000 followers, numerous super hit violin covers and his recent collaboration with Dave Weckl, doesn’t stop him from casual chit-chat with humble bloggers and music lovers like me. I appreciate such highly talented humble souls. May be that is what makes them superstars in their field of work.

He is proficient not only in violin, but can also play many other musical instruments. Abhijith says, “ Initially, I was not keen on learning violin like any other student who is forced to learn, anything for that matter. Its during my high school era, I got many friends with an interest for playing musical instruments. From then playing Violin became my passion. I used to practice regularly and I still am a student keen on learning and experimenting new genre and styles.”  

If asked which is his favorite song to play, without a doubt like many other artists, he says,“ I don’t have one favourite, I have many favorites. And I believe in freedom of musical expression.” He is winning awards and accolades from school days, most often he was the youngest among the participants. And he is the master brains behind bringing instrumental flash mob concept in India. Sharing the stage space with great artists like K. J. Yesudas, Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan and a lot many is the testimony of his expertise.

A young musician, achiever, music director, and as a man filling up news space in media; his talent is yet to take the world by storm soon through his all time dream of organizing an international world tour. Perhaps Album ‘Saraswati at Montreux’, his first international jazz fusion album featuring prodigies like Mohini Dey, Ranjit Barot and Sandeep Mohan is his initial inning towards a higher goal.

Meanwhile, let us listen to his brilliant soothing violin cover ‘ Sreeragamo Thedunnu…’ Hope all of you will enjoy it. Have a great evening.


Smile Smile From Miles,

 Nameeta Renchi