December 2019 ended on a good note. Like everyone else, I did not expect welcoming a 2020 dictated by COVID-19. Lockdown is absolutely a new feeling or rather the new normalcy. Looks like this year have placed a large microscope in front of our eyes to introspect the inner self and outside life alike. Stuck inside my home for almost a month, I am now able to hear the chirping birds and see the beauty of the sunrise. The sun wasn’t born yesterday or the birds didn’t learn to sing in 2020. What changed is the perspective.

Where were we all running to? And why did we have vestigial windows in our homes, when we don’t use them to look out even once in a week. I am not talking about your windows operating system; here I am referring to the windows on the walls. Even in February when my uncle and I watched the 2019 Comedy-drama JoJo Rabbit, we didn’t expect things would change a month later. Heil JoJo, now I know it isn’t easy to stay indoors, jailed and hanging on an exclamation mark –when it all will get over!

War Lockdowns has always fascinated me even as a young reader and as a fan of Anne Frank. In the movie JoJo Rabbit, his Jewish girlfriend wanted to dance after all this is over and Anne Frank wanted to go back to the school. What do I wish for? My thoughts are rich, even though I didn’t get my salary this month. So, I wish for more travel this year and l wish for happy meetings with my girlfriends. I am sure it isn’t happening anytime soon, but hope is all we can have.

Face masks, soap, worldometer, nasty political snarls, bans and lock down will all be etched in the history of mankind. What I would remember is a time when nature got a sabbatical feeding the never ending greediness of human beings. I will also remember the risk I took to travel to Dubai and returned home just in time before the lockdown. Empty airports and stamp less passports is a nightmare for many rookie travelers including me. Fair enough, I learned patience. ‘To wait’ is a great virtue.  Dolphins returned to Venice, Wuhan has lifted lockdown and life will move on. What we have got is a long wait for an uncertain amount of time. Meanwhile, decide on what you want to do after the lockdown. Dance, sing, travel, paint, cook and do whatever that makes you happy. Finding money and time, were all excuses made by ourselves, didn’t this lockdown teach you the beauty of simple pleasure in life?

(*The Title of this blog is the name of a poem by Maya Angelou)