This time when I started writing, I was sure that I won’t be writing about sadness.

I wanted to write ‘happy’ from the bottom of my heart, though I don’t think it is my favorite subject.

Then what would I write about?  Pondered for days together and then penned this piece of write-up on Happiness.

Well I must say this, “Happiness is a god”.  *You can make ‘g’ small or big according to your choice, I warn you.

However, it’s the Pegasus, winged and high on some unknown drug.

It is playing a non-existential stock character always in someone else’s fictional life.

Anyways, I have a huge crush on this character.

 I long to meet him during my weekends, Just to remind him of his absurdity.

Wanted to ask him, “Do you know if you stand for an election, you will never win?

Knew this from the beginning, happiness is the curse of humanity that believes in fake promises and conditioned love.

Now that it has a chance to ramp walk, it is everywhere with its plastic smiles.

Social media is its night club, making everyone a drunkard.

I am an addict too, I accept.

But I must say, sadness is the hero here too.

Mmmmm… did I deviate from my topic, I am sorry.

I am always a fan of melancholy.


Nameeta Renchi