‘Water is truly essential for the sustenance of all living things in the world’.  I would like to change the statement a tad bit, fitting my experience of the recent past. How will you feel, if the water destroys most of your sustenance stuff while you sleep? This has happened to me and I still feel that I haven’t woken up from the dream yet. So, I change the statement to ‘water is essential and in excess, it causes great disasters.’  Till 10th September, 2020; flood is an experience to those people inside the television or in newspapers. Post 10th, I have got a firsthand experience of the catastrophe. It can happen to anyone.

I remember things in bits and pieces. Loud croaks of frogs, torchlight in the dark, people running to find safety hubs, gushing water all around my home and then again, I slept off in the darkness that has unfathomable million scattered thoughts. Then I remember waking up around 6 am to an Island scene. Stinky dirty water flowing all around me and I feel cut off. Well, what I dreamt at 3 am is a reality. Mum has waked me up to show me the cataclysm, but then I slept off again thinking it’s a dream. How I wish the pictures stayed within the dream. No, the scenes jumped out of my brain and lived its life to the fullest. I escaped somehow on a JCB. The large digger that came to show the nasty water its trail back to its hell, meanwhile I am still not out of the shock. I feel like sleeping, let me.