Last evening, I had this important meeting with someone whom I consider to be truly knowledgeable and sensible. What was shocking is the way he thinks and perceive about writers. Like many among us, he thinks that a writer should either be sad or rich enough to pursue a passion of writing. When did writing as a career become so blurred. Isn’t it high time to realize, writing can also be a successful career; if one is truly passionate and talented?

To be frank, I have had personally met a few men in my life, who has publicly disguised my passion. Why to say about others, I have faced this from my own family itself. Writing is a dead end career, you are not going to make  your daily expenses out of it or even I have listened to words like, you are not good enough. The one thing, those around writers are not realizing is that writers can’t be anything else other than a writer. They are made that way.  Sometimes, they get frustrated if they cannot jot down lines, sentences and word after word. It is a necessity. Not that they get paid or being appreciated for what they are doing. Despise them, ignore them or hate them; they will still build paragraphs of their dreams, imaginations and thoughts. My son or daughter wants to be a doctor or an engineer; it is always appreciated. But when he or she wants to be a writer, they are laughed at or their  talent are nipped in the bud. Where would they go? What happens to the thousand brilliant words that automatically get build in their heads? All they need is a pen and a paper or a plane sheet in Microsoft word. The world has always been cruel to writers:  remember the real life stories of Oscar Wilde, Virgina Woolf, Sylvia Plath or Charles Dickens. The trend still continue. Would it ever stop? Stop as in the perceptions. A writer needn’t necessarily be from a rich family to study literature or poetry. A writer wasn’t being always sad to be writing a mellow poetry. While writing a love poem, he or she may be imagining a scene, and not always a reference from the real life. Looks like writers are the most mysterious people. Let them be as mysterious as you think they are, let them be them at least. When a child in your family writes stories, I won’t say encourage them, but don’t make them feel guilty. It is so natural for a writer child to seek his or her space in a quiet corner, hours pondering and wondering about what others neglect on a daily basis. The wind, flowers, butterflies, beauty, hatred, a noise; all of these fascinate them. How grateful they would be, If they have someone to nurture their unusual curiosity to something magnificent. Let the world, shine in their poetry. Let the universe unfold in their story plots and please don’t stop them.


– Nameeta Renchi