February 14 is one such day that the youth eagerly waits for. It’s a day to celebrate Love. Many of us make this day unforgettable for our loved ones. On that day we admit our love amazingly and promise to stay on the happily-ever-after path. But you never know when the same path will come to an end, snatching your love from you.

Feb 14, 2019 – when the whole nation was busy dating, there were some who had to leave their houses and loved ones to protect our nation. At least 34 CRPF Jawans were killed when they were in a convoy travelling at Pulwama Terrorist Attack scene. The Nation shivered and called it a Black Day.

The person you say goodbye in the morning you never know if they would come back safely in the evening. Life is nothing but constant changes. Nothing remains same forever.

We all lose something in our lives. We lose our loved ones, we lose our favorite things, opportunities and many more. How much ever we try we can’t get these things back. Losing and missing is a part of life. There is no one in this world who can always win everything.

No matter how systematically careful you are, you can’t always be safe in a bubble without any outside influence. No matter how smooth a road is, there will always be hurdles. There will be animals that dive out in front of your vehicle and if you don’t crank on the steering wheel to miss them, it doesn’t end well for you and the animal.

Something like this happened that day. It happened as, no one could ever predict.

We all have seen dead bodies. On television, in the newspapers and also people carrying bodies to the cemetery. But think of situations such as the blast. What would be the scenery of a place after blast? Even if we want to, can never imagine of a gory sight. My heart would skip a beat imagining people blown to bits and pieces by irrational, cowardly terrorists.

‘RIP, Pulwama Attack victims’ was seen on almost all the social networking sites. ‘Hindustan Zindabad, Pakistan Murdabad’ was heard in almost all the roads in India. The terrorists deserve no place in the world.

In the name of religion and Islam killing people is not Jihad. According to Islamic rules Muslims can’t even kill a mosquito and killing people is against Islam.

Our Nation stood with the families of our Amar Jawans and shared the grief.

We the Indians still have a sense of integrity and unity. The foolish terrorists have no idea how strong we are. Even though they turned our lives into chaos, we stand still, we stand together and resist our path.

Death is a part of life. Nobody can stop Death.

We expect many things to work out one way, but that doesn’t mean it will. That is what brings spice in our lives. We are strong and united in our nation. We can fly through the storm. We have the strength to pull our wings through the wind and rain. We can wave in and out of any warm and cold drafts.

Well, when we are driving at a high speed and hit things, we get hurt. Later we never repeat the same mistake. The hurt in our body makes us not forget that.