After 45 days of being a vegetarian, I ate a piece of my favorite meat dish – popcorn chicken. Yuck…I felt disastrous. Meat had no taste and I was feeling guilty for eating the dead body of something. What happened to my body suddenly? What happened to my meat craving soul? Perhaps, it is all about conditioning oneself. Whatsoever, the recent naturopathic treatment I had taken at the Nature Cure Hospital in Thrissur district of Kerala brought the vegetarian out of me. I am not saying it is a good or a bad thing, all I jot here is my experience with naturopathy.

According to medical science, after age 30 is the time for bone degeneration, lifestyle diseases and weight gain. Well, I too believed in this hoax for a very long time. I am 30 plus and I am glad that I took a few days off to learn the truth. The treatment showed me how to go on a fruit diet for just 13-15 days and it is possible to reduce weight at a fastidious rate. With regular yoga practices, water-mud & other herbal treatments and by following a proper diet, my back ache began to alleviate within a few days. Well, sagacity to understand what is the best for me motivated me to continue the new way of living even after I got back home.

·         I have now more energy than before

·         I can manage my body weight easily

·         I don’t pop in pain killers for my body aches

·         I totally realize –hugs, kisses or conversations are better medicines than anxiety pills

·         I can eat a handful of nuts and still stay energetic throughout the day… ISN’T IT WONDERFUL!!!

Now you must be wondering, I am giving publicity to a naturopathic centre. No it’s not the fact.  I am detailing my experience. But still let me jot down a few good words about the place I stayed for 15 days. These are my memories in words.

A village scene away from the brain-cracking chaos of city life, where people are natural while smiling. The location of Nature Cure can’t be described otherwise. The programs there commences at 5 am. People rush to take the body vitals and then to a moderately easy yoga session. After that, it’s time for walking under the sun. Importantly, I must point out that for a healthy living, you must embrace the warmth of the sun. It has everything to give you protection against skin infections, mental illnesses and a lot more. After having an amazing walk, our stomachs used to rumble loud, craving for some food. Unfortunately, even if we rush to the mess, all you get is breakfast spread supplemented with a humongous amount of grated coconut and vegetables. Initially, I used to take more than an hour to gobble up the entire meal. Later I realized, it’s the best for my body. Well, the day then unfolds slowly in a dark room, where you get respective naturopathic treatments as per your treatment chart prepared by experienced doctors. Fortunately, the center never failed to provide me with snacks, lunch and dinner, but then its colorful fruit platters and ready-to-drink natural leaf extracts. At the beginning, I frowned at the bothersome diet offerings, now, I accept its soul saving. Around 7 pm, our therapies and individual treatments get over. That calls for a night gathering, filled with music and entertainment. Conscientiously, When it is time for sleeping, my body feels relaxed and calm.

Where am I now?

I am now back in my city, loaded with office and home concerns, but then I am glad that I took a few days off for myself. I must say that, It is totally worth it. So, won’t you do it too? Take some time off, go for alternative treatment spaces and feel the difference. 


Nameeta Renchi