Bangalore is a place where people stay from over the seas. Why do people come and stay here?
Some for work, some for education, and some for living their lives. I also started my journey from Kolkata to Bangalore for one of these purposes.
Unlike every other Muslim family in my city, my parents wanted their daughter to stand alone independently. Unlike every other Muslim family, my parents didn’t want their daughter to settle into life with a tag of ‘married’. With my parents support I took a small step. A step which would lead me to achieve my dreams.
But here I started my journey, not only to achieve my own dreams, but to become a model for all those girls with a chain tied up on their legs in the name of societal rules. In Bangalore, a girl who never thought of going anywhere alone has now a long way to go in front of her, surrounded by people who has similar goals and dreams. It was just like a reverie coming true.

Everything seemed so much different than my previous world. Here, nobody had time to look
at each other, not to pry on other’s lives. Even a cycle went faster than a vehicle from my
previous world. Nobody even seemed to be busy to listen to anyone.
When I entered into this world, everything was uncomfortable which gave me a hint of ‘giving
up’. But got inspiration in the smiles of my loved ones, in watching a bird feeding its babies, on
a sunny day after five days of rain.Got inspiration from someone giving me a precious advice, to
challenge and push myself a little harder.
I garnered courage and took chances. Life is not just about inspiration, but also about the
struggle, a person goes through. Every hardship kept me going as a bird can’t stop flying
thinking there is no nest under it. Slowly I started to fit in this space. Started liking my new
different world. My city.


Author’s Profile

Roshni Khan is a Mass Communication student at REVA University, Bangalore. An aspiring
writer, go-getter and a lover of words; she would be scribbling her thoughts for
from now on.