Like in an Arabian Night story, I know a genie who can create wonders with his pencil. Every stroke he made etched life on a paper. His art lives and speak the language of love. Let me introduce this Jinn to you. Sinan Husain, a young lad in his early 20s filling his social media pages with his works bearing expressionism, actuality and sketches with captions touching souls. Here is what he has got to say about his art. Happy Reading.


Sinan’s Take on Art:

Art is inherent in all people. It is often a reflection or extension of one’s personality and in itself a communication from within to others. An artist can lead, follow, and uplift the society. He provides society with emotions, colours and textures.  

Where did it all begin?                                                                                      art 123

I stepped into the fascinating world of art during my high school life, and spread my world of art with the help of social media after my higher secondary education. Art is hidden in every profession. And I chose to study architecture where the application of art is highly prominent.      

 How did you end up being named a Jinn?

It is a funny story. The popularity of my ears is that it remains hot and red all the times just like the Jinn mentioned in the Islamic mythology. A childhood nickname which stayed with me till now. My friends call me Jinn.


Sinan Husain, the Jinn

When did public started noticing you?

Even though I sketched my views way before people started recognizing me, I got a wide attention when I bagged a second place in Kerala state ‘sahithyotsav’ 2015 for pencil drawing. There are many in my life who deserve credits for my achievements. I am influenced and supported by loving people around me.

You drew sketches for those who contributed money to Kerala government during the floods. How did the project see success?

I was not having enough earnings as I am still a student. That is when I decided to try my luck by initiating this humble project. Honestly, I was surprised to see mainstream media covering the news. And it was a success. A part of my savings, that I gained      through selling customized work will be used to help the cancer patients.


To people who don’t know much about you, introduce your world; your family, life, passion and art

According to my view,art is a world of creativity having contemporary relevance and gives a space for self expressing.I am from a middle class family which includes two sisters and my dear parents. I like to sing song even though l am not good at it.Wandering with my close friends give me the best moments. I live Live happily by knowing my own limitation in my own small world.


 Do you make a living off of your art?

Rejection is a fact of life if you want to make a living as an artist.But I won’t give up.Art is not worthless.


What is the secret of your success?

I believe in smart work mixed with hard work.I learn from my own experiences and try to improve as an artist.


Message for the readers

Make a space of your on in this competitive world. Happiness is doubled when our profession nurtures our talents and interests.


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