Ever since Karthik Kumar’s reality stand-up comedy released on Amazon Prime, positive and negative reviews poured in all his social media pages. Between those positive messages, one thing that caught my attention was a particular word used by many of his fans. The word is ‘Inspirational’.

How can a stand-up comedy be inspirational? It should make a person laugh,ain’t it? If you have a doubt similar to mine you should go and watch him perform live on stage someday, or watch his latest show ‘Blood Chutney’ on Amazon Prime. You already watched it and is still laughing over his incredible jokes,then read this interview. No worries even if you have not watched the show. Watch this video to get the gist of K.K’s style of reality comedy.

Now that I am sure that some of you wandered away from my blog searching for other K.K’s videos, bye-bye to those readers. And thank you to those who decided to come back and read this interview. So here is an excerpt of my conversation with K.K. Read on..

Actor, stand up comedian or entrepreneur; how will you define yourself?

K.K.: “I think I have always seen myself as an entrepreneur first, considering the element in it where you take your destiny in your own hands. You feel a sense of control over it and you feel a sense of responsibility. So, I strike a perfect balance between entrepreneurship and my passions. Entrepreneurship is nothing but living your dream and giving yourself a chance.”

Tell us more about your family.

K.K.:“Well, I am the only son to my parents. Gorgeous parents. My mother is a social worker and father is a retired engineer. Beautiful people.”

PokeMe or Blood Chutney; which one did audience like the best? 

K.K.:“I think PokeMe is very generic. It was a show where everybody laughed at jokes at what they already want to laugh about. Well, I will tell you about the journey of the comic. First, I try making jokes that audience wants to laugh about. Then it moves on to making jokes about things that he/she would laugh at. Third, it is about making fun about things that a person feels or thinks about. And 4th is making fun of things that a person cries about. So on that front, poke me is the first stage and blood chutney is the last stage.”

He added, “Blood chutney will be easy and emotional for the audience to connect to; may be less on comedy but it is definitely dark humor that everyone can relate to. I am getting great response after my show. Watch it affirmatively.”

What time of the day do you come up with the most creative lines. Do you laugh at your own jokes?

K.K: “ Writing bit I do it in the morning. I wake up early and gather my thoughts. I check the micro notes and then write. Writing for a show is a rigorous activity that I do in the morning about 1 to 2 hours. Frankly speaking, writing for 1 to 2 hours can just give 1 to 2 minutes of actual usable content. But again, it has to be tested and it is a long process.”

He continued, “Well, constantly. I am always laughing at my jokes. Sometimes……actually, more than sometimes, only I am laugh at my jokes.”

“Confessions of a failed actor” your FB post, what was the response from the film industry?

K.K: “They were shocked. Some people thought I was just throwing tantrums. Some others thought it was a good publicity stunt. Watch Blood chutney without fail, you will get a clear picture on what exactly happened.”

How is the normal day of Karthik Kumar’s life is like?

K.K: “ A normal day involves an hour of writing. 3 to 4 hours of entrepreneurship because I am an integral part of EVAM. Then an hour of going to the gym and fitness.  And it includes a lot of chilling and meeting people and friends.”

Evam and its contribution to the world of arts; tell us more about it.

K.K:“I think Evam stands for that dream you may have. And the ability and hope with which one has to approach to make the dreams into a realization. As far as Sunil, my partner and I are concerned, we were never entrepreneurs. We weren’t trained to be entrepreneurs, actor or theater practitioners. These all were things we loved doing and gave ourself a chance. So from that perspective, Evam stands for ‘YOU ARE YOUR DREAM’.”  

Is there a formula for a successful stand up comedy performance? kk1

K.K:“ I don’t think there is any formula for a successful stand-up comedy performance, but relating is the most important factor.The performer becomes the medium in order to reach out to a wider audience. Therefore a performer should relate to the audience. Relate not only as a friend, but also like a brother,as an opponent or any way for that matter. To relate and create a resonance, where the content plus the audience, plus the performer create a kind of communication paradigm. It can convert into an emotion or communication. So relating to the audience is must.”

Who is this one person that influenced in your life and career. And why?

“ One person who clearly influenced me is my professor at MICA. Professor Ramkumar and his classes inspired me to be who I am today. I learned it from him the magic of flying into whichever direction I want to and give myself a chance.”

Message to the readers

You live only once. Definitely, make a living but beyond that make a life.