Kamala Harris needs no introduction. As a vice presidential nominee in the 2020 American election, she has both fans and attackers. Whether she will win or not, the conversations flowing underneath her posts on Instagram are actually predictions of how many supporters she has so far. With Michelle Obama coming forward to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, hopefully her fan base will increase.
This blog is not about the life of Kamala Harris or Joe Biden or Michelle Obama. It is an effort from my side to bring out some of the interesting conversations that I had with total strangers on one of her posts, in which she is shown signing paperwork officially to get ballot in all the 50 states.
Living in India why do you support Kamala or Biden? This will be the question some of you would want to ask me. The truth is I don’t have any political intention. But rather, I find resilience and power in Kamala Harris. Having Indian roots and born as a woman, do you think it is easy to reach where she is today without her true inner strength? Such people need support from all over the world. So , here is my conversation.

Nameeta: Support from India
I10: Don’t’ speak for all Indians. Modi supports Trump. Trump 2020.
Nameeta: @_I10_not sure who supports whom; but “I” definitely support Joe Biden and Kamala.
Nate_dehavu: Asians for Trump?
Alliknow_02: Nameeta, yes; because you don’t know the foreign policies and bilateral relationship. You
people move with the flow.
Nameeta: I may not be well versed in foreign policies and bilateral relationships, but I definitely know
that a woman will not reach anywhere without a strong will. I support her.
Charugarapaty: Nameeta, Yay, we need more love from around the world.
Prza: Heard she is not Indian anymore, sorry for your loss.
Ms.law722: Nameeta, stay in India ([email protected]!$ symbol).
Nameeta: Ms. Law722: Stay in America (love symbol).
Ms. Law722: Why do you even care? You are not from this country.
Nameeta: Because it is important for every leader to set an example for others. Whether they are in
Asia, America or in Uganda. Together, we make this world a better place.
Ms. Law722: Clearly India is boring, bye.
Ajaypooniaofficial: Kamala and Joe are against Indian policies. And that Kamala is a mix product. Trump

Heidiuno88: You great actor Khan is supporting Trump, look it up
Nameeta: So what should I do? Khan is not my brain.
Heidiuno88: Between, your country gave Trump the greatest welcome I have ever seen. India has a lot
of class. My best friend Poonam lived in India, she loves Trump.
Nameeta: Heidiuno88, India is a sovereign, socialist, democratic republic. To like someone or not is a
choice. India has a lot of class. Yes.
Heidiuno88: Khan loves Trump, Poonam loves Trump and I love Trump

Well, the above conversations were never ending and l cannot stop from saying this;
Dear world, India has many Khans and a few of them went on to become actors and politicians. All of us
here in India are not fan crazy as you guys think. Modiji is our current PM and many Indians still disagree
with his moves and strategies. If Modiji is a vegetarian, there are still people who are non-vegetarians in
this nation. My love for Kamala comes from my admiration towards her attitude. Just because I live in
India doesn’t mean that I cannot support someone who is abroad. We breathe the same air, drink the
same water and are human beings. So, I hope a better President and vice-president will be elected soon,
someone who is kind and empathetic towards all races and colour.

Nameeta Renchi

image source : https://www.instagram.com/p/CEK9ejIjFs_/