Thanks to the universe, here I am in a room full of memories. Old and new, all jumbled up. I thought it would be overwhelming, but no, everything makes me smile now. All these years I have been working and didn’t get a chance to slow down. So, I am grateful for this lockdown period. I realize I am a collector of memories. Of thoughts of people before they turned into monsters, of love which was once real and now a fairy tale, of happiness that genuinely poured out of my heart, of first kiss, of my old home, of old books, of old hurt and old me. Everything stays, crystal clear. Not sure which is my fond memory, however I am the sum total of all of these memories.

 In a few days time, I will go back to my old ways of living. Hunting food the modern way and eating up spirits in some corporate rooms. Then, I will be collecting more memories and saving them somewhere in my brain. Nothing actually fades, whether its memories or people. All you can do is to keep them in the recycle bin for some time. Staying indoors with a pool of mixed blood in memories is difficult. The blood of ones you killed a million times in your brain. Everything mixes up to poison. So, make sure not to kill people in your memories. Instead, keep them in jail. Keep them captivated forever. Well, then there are happy memories, pickle it and keep it preserved. Every time, you have a breakdown, take a bite of that pickle with your pinkie finger and taste a piece of bliss. That is how good memories should be treated.

The point is to make memories, whether good or bad. You need something to keep you company during lockdown times.