It was so obvious that I chose ‘writing’ as a profession. My love for words and the way it forms ideas, emotions and stories is unexplainable. But now when I look back, I realize that I have faced more rejections in my life than Chinese business sensation Jack Ma. I am sure no one wants to hear the story again about how he faced it all. But my case is a little different and that’s why I decided to jot it down today.

What if one doesn’t understand how rejections feel like, yet from a bigger picture angle, it is a perfect story? Forget about the support one should get from the family, I never had it. In fact, I rejected my own dream for years thinking it’s yet another mediocre growing girl’s dream. I vividly remember the way I bought Anne Frank’s Diary from a book market, just to get yelled at for not buying textbooks that would help me clear college entrance tests. I also recollect how I would beg my mum to leave me at a library before she left for a shopping spree.

Loved reading since a very young age, and found comfort in written words rather than the spoken one. No one has ever earned bread and butter by selling words. I am lucky; it’s the era of Internet and Digital Marketing. Now that everyone wants words to fill in their websites, I am surviving. For the last 10 years, words have fed me and that’s why I love the career I chose. More than a passion, it’s my gratitude to a skill I didn’t abandon on the face of adversities.

Success has many fathers and failure has none.  This old wisdom is so true. From nowhere, I can see my relatives claiming that I have got talent from them or they started admitting that I am part of their family. But I know where my nest exists. Not in anyone’s home for sure. I belong among written words that have no voice, libraries and among people who love reading. This is me. A rejected piece modeled around the classic bounce back story. No regrets.