The day was special and the patterns on the floor looked fabulous. Mum has brought out her creativity at its best. I know it was too rude to go blank out on seeing rangoli created by her. But little did I know what the fear of patterns and holes was then. Do you have trypophobia? If yes, please don’t Google it out. Chances are that you might faint seeing the pop up pictures of
the tiny holes and patterns. What a strange phobia to have, isn’t it?

Honey bees have killed many out in the world with its agonizing sting, but its comb can kill those who have this rare phobia. Fear of water, of heights, of insects and even death is quite common, but what about fainting out of watching patterns, prints and holes? Strange, weird and indescribable; that is how I would phrase it. Diagnostic taxonomies haven’t yet recognized it, but the chances are that it develops more in those who have general anxiety disorder.

Lotus flower stem rose cookies or patterned seeds within a chilly pod, your trypobhobia will restrict you from enjoying some of the most beautiful things in the world. Fear is a normal response to danger they say, but what is there to be scared of the objects I mentioned earlier?
Literature available online about this subject is very rare and that is why I thought of writing this blog. Great discomfort on seeing cluster images and repetitive patterns is how I would define it based on my personal experience. If you get scared of any of the following objects, please leave a message because I would like to have a word with you. The objects are:

– sponges
– soap bubbles
– coral
– honeycomb
– water condensation
– beehives
– seed pods
– strawberries
– pomegranates
– pineapple
– clusters of eyes as found in insects

It is not just the above items that can trigger extreme aversion and fear. For instance, I was driving the other day and noticed the patterns on the wheels of the car that was beside mine, by god’s grace I didn’t get into an accident. Well, there is absolutely no cure available right now in the world for trypophobia. Doctors and therapist might give you anti-depressants,
tranquilizers and beta-blockers; these are just for GAD (general anxiety disorder). In a 2013 study published in Psychological Science. The experts defined the condition as ‘hitherto unreported in the scientific literature’. Now you know the scientific urgency of studying this particular condition. Sometimes it might affect your daily life and that is when you have to
reach out to an expert. There are several theories revolving around trypophobia but none of it can be validated against solid proof.

My trypophobia is so evident from my irrational fear triggered by watching 3 camera holes behind my mobile phone. Such people should avoid buying the new generation phones with trio lenses. I am not kidding; it will nauseate and give you dizziness. Apparently, you will have no explanation to give to others who watch you struggle.

Well, I don’t prefer pancake for breakfast and I have no explanation to give others. Do you have an interesting trypophobia story? Please add it in the comment section.