Until a few years ago, like any other girl of my Indian society: I too dreamt about a fairy tale wedding, my wedding gown design, the people to invite for, the kind of jewelry to buy, the banquet menu and even the kind of music to play at the party. The one thing that I totally missed out was to dream about the kind of person I want to get married to. Imagine, you bought a whole lot of stuffs to make the cherry cake but you forgot to buy the cherries. I was in the same muddled situation. Instead of buying cherries for the cake, I had bought pineapples, guavas, jackfruit and what not!! I must say, I am lucky that I returned them back to the store before even I started my cooking. The saddest part is that this can’t be done with marriages. Its like, you decided to make a cherry cake, you are cajoled to buy some gooseberries and you are forced to cook pickles for the rest of the life instead of your favorite cherry cake. The whole fun of baking a cake or the bliss of togetherness is lost in the drain. I have had seen a lot of check list articles prior to a wedding in many publications. But this checklist is a pre-checklist to your actual wedding check list. Make sure you get all of the below mentioned before you get hitched… cherry-cake Check List Item #1 Education

The current trend in the Indian Society is that a girl child needs to be educated unalike say 2 generations before, but why is this sudden keen interest in getting a girl child educated? Well, again it seems the education given to a girl is inversely proportional to her qualification to get alliance from a well-educated boy from a settled family. No, please don’t see your girl child as a product to sell in the market. Her USP is not be demeaned in a cheap marriage market. Send her to school, to college and let her be what she wants in her life. Let her bake her favorite cherry cake and please do not force her to eat pickles with rice.

Check List Item #2 Career

I remember when I was a child; I had better dreams and authentic ideas. In the process of growing up, I lost half of it and barely could I save a few dreams of mine. Well the environment, the society and to a larger extend I am myself to be blamed for the massive killing of my dreams. I am happy that at least I could save my career dreams despite criticisms and obloquy from the family front. Yes, the girls have got career dreams too. She may choose to become a dancer or an astronaut, she was born for it. Just because our society is not yet open to girls pursuing many professions doesn’t mean she can’t go ahead with her dreams. To work or not to work after marriage is again her choice. The kitchen of your house shouldn’t restrict her bigger dreams. Let her paint on a larger canvas. Give space to each other. And most importantly help her bake the cherry cake she love; she will help you in baking your favorite chocolate chip cake instead.

Check List Item #3 Personality

This is the most important of all; make sure you have built a personality which a marriage cannot break no matter what. A wedding should never break the basic nature of your personality. It is your choice, whether you wear a dark lipstick, a microwave skirt or a saree. A wedding should never interfere in your choice over religion, food, and lifestyle or shouldn’t hinder your choice over right or wrong. Build a personality which people will remember you for. That’s the key. Well, if you have got a strong educational background, a sound career of your choice and an unbreakable personality of great strength: please go ahead with your wedding preparations. Remember a wedding is one day happiness but a long lasting marriage is a lifelong affair. Education, career and a strong personality will help you face the gutters and hardships during the journey called the ‘civil partnership’. It is high time for me to find someone who helps me bake the cherry cake; Meanwhile I hope this blog helped you understand what the real wedding check list is.