When I get frustrated, the first thing I do is to change my hair style or cut my hair short. Not sure, why I feel so happy after the hair salon visits, but definitely it helps me stop my mood swings. Saying good-bye to a few grams of dead cells gives fresh perspectives to life. A part of my older self is chopped off and a much refined version is produced. Looks like hair has its own mood regulatory hormones, but the truth is its dead as dinosaurs.

There is a satisfaction in straightening the hair out when the future looks bleak and winding. As if trying to iron out the paths ahead, the hair stylist slowly works on my wavy hair. On a boring day, I prefer curling my hair because what is life without some curls? Every roller coaster needs ‘U’ and ‘O’ s to give the adrenaline rush. Then there are cuts inspired from super figures from history, for bold and beautiful; I go for a ‘Princess Diana Cut’. A head massage and hair spa is a luxury I seek on holidays. When salt and pepper slowly appears on my head, I make my hair a canvas, streaking it with colors. Well, when troubles come, I concentrate on hair and it is that simple.