Wow, creativity can be customized.

The moment I saw Abhi’s Instagram post about his limited edition Christmas candles, I was sure I will be the first customer to buy the pack.

The tree candles glisten in the broad daylight, the chocolate candles smell of litchi, snow candle is bathed in brilliance, the sheep modeled candle has blush on its cheeks and it’s definitely worth buying.

I neatly arranged them on my dark dining table to highlight other carefully chosen Christmas decors.  

If you get a chance, buy hand-made products of artisans and creative people living around you on every single occasion.

By doing so, you are not only encouraging the crafts-person to earn a living, but we, common folks will get products that no e-tailers or shops can offer.

Abhi is ready to make customizable candles for those who demand them, but there is a small concern here. He wants the molds.

So, by writing this blog, I am trying to achieve 2 things.

First, promote my friend’s creativity

Second, to ask out, if anyone among you is a candle mold maker

For both, you can reach out to Abhi *(+91- 9901254718)