Writers write because they cannot stop themselves from not doing so, this is my credo. Being a writer all throughout my life, I can easily empathize with writers of my era. Each of them has their own style of writing; some from life experiences, some connecting dots of their vivid imagination, some give voice for voiceless- whatsoever writing is a continuously pursued passion. If you are innately good with language, you can create wonders in silence.

Each time I meet an author, I ask a question without fail, “Why do you write?” And every time the answer I get is alsoang different. This time I took the chance to repeat my query to the U.K. based author of ‘Best Kept Secret’- Elsa Joseph. She replied, “Why did I write? Because I found life unsatisfactory.”-Tennessee Williams; I think this quote by playwright Tennessee Williams best sums up why I write. I am not surprised, writers write for anonymous reasons. Read the excerpt of my interview with Elsa Joseph and don’t forget to buy her book. Have a great read.

Where do you live, what do you do for a living and basically, tell us more about you?

I live in London and I work in retail for a living. I’ve always wanted to be a writer which is why I ended up studying it as a subject at London South Bank University. In my spare time I enjoy going to the theatre, reading and being with my family and friends.

Tell us more about your book Best Kept Secret?

I don’t want to give too much away but in a nutshell the story is about a young woman who’s about to get married to the man of her dreams. However, she can’t seem to let go the memory of a past relationship she was in and devastating secret that tore them apart.

What are the key ideas to create a successful publishing pathway for a literary work?

There are so many but if I had to pick three, it would be the following:

Focus on what you’re passionate about. If that doesn’t work then learn what you need to know, and then take the plunge.

If your book (or script) is sitting on agent’s or director’s desk waiting for approval, don’t wait too. Agents and directors are famously overworked. It’s the nature of this business. There are dozens of possible explanations as to why they haven’t got to your manuscript. I could easily fill a page with a list of reasons, and most would have nothing to do with you or your effort but with the demands of their time. You might hear from an agent or director in three days or three weeks or three months. But regardless of the time frame, do not put your writing life on hold because of someone else’s work schedule. It is tempting to wait for a judgment on your current work before proceeding with the next one, but don’t. If you’re determined to write then do so. Period. Plow on. Start on the next book, script or short story. Move forward.

It is a wonderful time to be a writer. With the option to self publish you no longer need to rely on securing a publisher to reach readers-you can do it on our own, if you wish. The rise of the hybrid author-one who traditionally publishes as well as self-publishes, shows that authors can pick and choose which model works for them. But how do you know the best path to take? My advice is to consider what is best for you and what’s best for your book, script or short story. Think about your goals, too. Do you want to sell many copies, or are you happy just to put the book out there? Do you want to turn your script into a movie or are you happy to put in on YouTube?

Scriptwriter and storyteller; what are the main differences?

Is this a trick question? For me there are no differences. A scriptwriter is a storyteller. A good storyteller knows how to present a series of events (or facts) in a way that engrosses the reader and makes them want to know more.

What is your idea about authorpreneurship?

I’m still trying to get my hear around this concept of authorpreneurship myself. For me, I would say that (authorpreneurship)  it’s not enough to write a powerful book these days – today’s author must understand and leverage the business side of writing to grow their career.

Too many authors, too many genres and old fashioned bookshops under catastrophe; how to stand out among the clutter?

Have something to say. Write books that stand out from the crowd. Be a brand. Today when we talk about an author as a brand; we are talking about building an image, perception or identity that readers connect with.

Who are your favorite authors and titles?

Anne Frank is my favorite author. I read her diary, The Diary of Anne Frank’ three years ago and had the opportunity of visiting her home in Amsterdam where her and her family where hiding from Nazi persecution.

I was deeply moved.

I enjoy reading poetry-I adore Maya Angelou.

I’m a theatre fanatic and the last play I read was by Tennessee Williams called ‘Talk to me Like the Rain and Let me Listen.’

Other writers’ works I admire are William Shakespeare, Stephen King and JoJo Moyes.

I’m currently reading Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman.

What are you upcoming project?

I’m putting the finishing touches to a professionally illustrated children’s book which (fingers crossed) will be out in the spring. I’m primarily a romance writer but I’ve always wanted to write a children’s story. I’m a firm believer that if a story is in you (regardless of what genre you write) it has to come out. I’ve been working on this children’s book for a long time now and am looking forward to releasing it.

A Few goodreads.com Reviews

“Best Kept secret by Elsa Joseph is a beautiful write. It is the story of Natasha Dawson and her two lovers, Tony and Luke The story of Natasha Dawson is exciting, thrilling and beautiful.”, Rishigiri

“This is not the kind of book I typically read, I usually read more of crime, horror and thrillers, but the title of this book got my attention. “Best Kept Secret” has everything I could possibly want in a book, from suspense, romance to mystery. I was not dissatisfied a bit. Best Kept Secret is a page turner right from the very first page until the end.”,Amanda Timothy

“Could not put down! What a thriller this was. I would have loved an epilogue to it but it probably ended exactly how it needed to. The details were fantastic. Felt like I was on a speeding train! Could not stop reading it from the minute I picked it up. Best book I have read in years! I could almost picture it. Must read for sure!”,Troy Stewart

Thank You! Elsa for this wonderful interview. Keep Writing. 

Elsa’s message, I cherish; 

I would encourage all aspiring writers to keep on writing and never give up. It’s a tough industry but stay focused and keep going. Keep visiting writers blogs such as Nameeta for tips and connecting with other writers.