Not every girl aspires to be a princess and not every boy like motorbikes. There are people like me who love to follow his or her rhythm. Who are you to judge? Didn’t once a wise man say, “there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so?” Well, if you cannot think well about someone, please at least don’t think ill about him or her. You have no clue about the kind of place he or she is coming from, the type of emotional struggle that one goes through and the amount of pain that gets accumulated over the years. To have a dream and get passionate about it, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you have one, then you are truly lucky.  

When I feel, I have a mountain of struggles and I cannot conquer it, I pray. Because god is not always available, sometimes he sends me lessons, conversations and guidance in the form of friends. Let me tell you this reformative idea that one such person shared with me. When you feel that you are in a total mess, keep your headphones, listen to your favorite songs and move on. Ignore the criticisms and keep moving forward. The biggest dream sippers might be from your own family and in your own friend’s circle. Break the chain and walk down the aisle even if it is a lonely one. In a room full of achievers, be that mediocre person who is genuinely happy. Money matters, but more that that your existential purpose matters. BE ‘YOU’TIFUL.