How often do you dream? I am not talking about goals, achievements or aspirations or the kind of goals that you set. I am talking about unrealistic or pseudo thoughts that your brain produces while you sleep or while your mind is in a subconscious state. My friends dream in black and white of hilarious situations that have never happened in their entire lives. Will it happen in the future? Nobody can tell, or perhaps nobody remembers a dream for a very long time, I believe. Now when it comes to me, I dream very rarely but when I do, it almost seems like a reality. Like warnings and signs. This is especially why I have decided to write a blog today about my recent dream. Though I am too nervous to put it here in words, I shall try my level best.

It was around 2 pm, after much effort, I slept off.  I am sure I was sleeping, but there I saw myself seated in a long train filled with interesting people. I am sure, it has no roof, or it has a glass roof as well as a glass floor. Strangely, the windows and doors have no shutters or any mechanism for closing them, to protect the passengers within the bogies. A single cloth made rope tied crossed over these open spaces from one end of the train to the other horizontally. Anyone can fall off from this glass train, as these ropes can’t clearly protect the passengers. Most interestingly, nobody is thinking of it, everyone seems comfortable journeying within that strange train. Me too. Just opposite to where I sit, I can see a beautiful woman with all smiles listening to something from her phone via a wired headphone. She seems all happy, enjoying her day, going someplace she believes is her destination. Meanwhile, I don’t have a destination, I was just travelling. It was interesting to watch the tiny droplets of water that had fallen on the glass roof, tree branches swaying to the wind in the opposite direction and giving ears to my own thoughts bombarded with people, faces, events, questions and anxieties. Suddenly, I hear the ring of a cell phone. A beautiful music to which we can dance. The next scene I see is the smiling girl picking the call, talking to someone, throwing the earphone outside the window, and followed by the girl jumping outside the train. Everything happened within seconds. And then I woke up with a jolt, happy to see that I am sleeping in a place where I am familiar. What did it all mean? I am not a dream interpreter. But I believe, the girl is just not me or someone I know from my real life. Let me stop it. 

-Nameeta Renchi