Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

Stand up comedy on Netflix, that’s my regular evening watch these days. Kenny Sebastian tops the favorite list.  His innocent face, comedy that makes one think and music that touches anyone’s heart; it’s a perfect show. This blog is not about his celebrity journey anyways. It is about an idea he recently came up with in one of his well received shows. His show that revolved around the word – ‘Expectations’ baited me with a thought that didn’t let me sleep for a day.

We all are a victim of this word, aren’t we? No, it is not my feminist slant waiting to show my readers how women are always expected to be women-like. No, that is not my intention. The expectation of all kinds, whether it be self-expectation or expectation of others on you are all altering the reality. The truth is, it is better to ignore expectations and stay true to you.

Kenny talks about how an Ostrich is expected to fly by others as the Ostrich belongs to the bird clan. Even after trying a million times, it is never going to happen as we all know. Their flat breastbones and weak pectoral muscles are nature endowed. Uniqueness is not a crime.

From the day we are born, or even before that we all are expected to be something by others. In this process, we lose ourselves and forget why we have come for. Haven’t we heard the old saying ‘don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree’?  I have always wondered how some of the silly social rituals have formed in the society. What if an entire society expects something or someone to be exactly how they want! May be that’s how classic insensible societal rituals are formed. Some of these expectations are handed over to the next generation like a heritage. Once in a while a rebel is born, like the Ostrich in the Kenny Sebastian’s show. Who doesn’t want to fly, but run instead? Rebels are loners all their lives. Their thoughts carry spark that can take a generation forward towards a better change. However, it is not an easy life for them.

Expectations often lead to disappointments. Let it go. Only you know the hurdles you crossed, dreams you saw and things that you enjoy. Being called a rebel is better than being called as a conformist. Other’s way might provide you safety, but there won’t be any fun or adventure following such roads. Rebelling for what you want to be, how you want to be and to reach where you want to be is important than losing your soul to mediocre expectations. An Ostrich is still beautiful. The rebel bird has got the strongest legs that can kill a human with one forward kick and are the second fastest runners after cheetah in the animal kingdom. Setting a thought process where one accepts everybody in their true essence is a modern virtue. Change may not be easy at first but what is wrong in starting from within. If others expect you to be someone else, choose to believe in yourself.