It is on a weekend charity program that I met philanthropist Shajan Samuel. And something he said on that day opened doors to a secret that I never ever thought about before. He said, ” Charity is not something that you do when you have surplus riches and funds. It is done in a way that it should burn your hands; because you are doing it from your share of blessings.” Wisdom from a true humanitarian.

When I got acquainted with Malleshwar Rao, a social worker from Andhra Pradesh. My previously acquired wisdom helped me recognize his commendable work. Aarambhm foundation is a one-man show for the benefit of education for the slum children nationwide. Teaching children, especially girls from economically backward situation and helping them paint their dreams is equal to godliness, I believe. Educating someone ignorant is the greatest charity endeavor one can embark on. What the show runner Malleshwar Rao, nicknamed as Bobby Cyrus by his friend’s circle does is truly exemplary. Leading by examples, not everyone can do it. And not everyone does justice to the word ‘charity’.                                                                              FB_IMG_1518500418782

Bobby comes from a humble family background and he knows how cruel society can be to the children of lower socio-economic profile. In- spite of tough situations back home, he earned an engineering degree from one of the best colleges in Hyderabad. Nothing stopped him from caring for children who are good at studies but have no money to get good education. His NGO aarambhm helps underprivileged children to get proper education.Teaching 1200 children in a slum area of Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh without any tuition cost is a perfect example of genuine charity. Bobby a staunch believer of Karma says, “if you do good, good things will come to you”.

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