I often wonder what is the most difficult to deal with in life. To me its the way people change and move on in a different direction. Well, that doesn’t mean I stop falling in love with souls. But, when will I learn to get it right! The art of choosing the right set of people. No Idea!. Repeating the same set of mistakes is called a habit, I have realized it recently. The person who made me realize it is my guru, mentor and a man whom everybody fondly calls as Natraaj Maharshi. So, this Sunday write up is about choices. And why we should break the wrong pattern. Read on..

It’s said that a guru chooses his disciple, when the time is right. I experienced such a predestined meeting a few weeks ago. A man who has immense capability to understand souls on this planet earth. To me such people existed in books, until I got to talk to him. He is not the regular spirituality figure one would imagine while thinking about an Indian guru or a guide. He is a stylish photographer, movie maker and a philosopher with deep inner self.

Over a gloomy weekend, I was totally bruised from falling in love with a wrong person once again. Or maybe I made a wrong decision. My mistake. But I needed someone to confirm that it’s a mistake, which like any mistake cannot be undone. All you can do is to never repeat your favorite mistake. Its good that its my Guru who pointed it out to me. During one of my photoshoot, I remember him telling me that I was lost in the crowd and in my own thoughts. True, I was too blind in what I believed in that I ignored, what kind of people I wanted to attract into my life.



The very weekend that I hit the rock bottoms, I didn’t intentionally dial his number. I called up my friend, VaayuDhwani his partner in business and for some strange reason she asked me to talk to him. May be it was the universe’s choice that forced me to talk to someone like him on that particular day. In the middle of the conversation, I casually said, “I think I am stopping to believe in people. It’s rare that we come across true souls like you.” That’s all I said and the reply my mentor gave was, “Don’t repeat your favorite mistake.” What a statement to ponder on.                                         

I sat for hours thinking about the rough statement he made. I now understand that like how we choose many things in life because, its absolutely your option or inclination, so do you choose your mistakes. You sometime choose your favorite mistakes out of practice. It’s not easy to break free of that pattern, until you decide to consciously come out of it. Which I am trying to exercise and workout on.

I think I am going to choose some less of my favorite mistakes rather than repeatedly attracting the wrong people in my life. I needed my mentor to tell me this universal truth, and I thought I should share it with my readers. Break free from the pattern. May be the right things are set in when you break free of the circle of wrong choices.

Nameeta Renchi