Kolkata houses some of India’s hardcore football fanatics in addition to foodies, literature legends and communist comrades. Today read the story of a charming young playback singer, musician Avik Halder who had no interest in singing as a child but had a dream to become a cricketer or a footballer. Yet, destiny chose him to be a singer for a lifetime. But how can the young boy forget football!  He twisted the destiny a bit and rendered his voice for soccer special songs made in Kolkata. Read more to know the twists and turns that happened in the life of an upcoming singer.

On a Casual Note

I’m Avik Halder. My parents are Mr. Asit Halder and Mrs. Anima Halder. I have a younger brother, Souvik Halder. We all four are associated with cultural activities. My mother is a singer; my father is a theatre artist in our locally made short plays. And my bro is a very good critic of music. Usually when I sing a song first time I ask for his comments. It helps me a lot in getting my music the right way. I belong to a small town named Diamond Harbour situated besides Hooghly River. I inherited my love for music from my mother. She is my first teacher.

One thing I shouldn’t hide is that I had no interest in music during my childhood. The fact is that I wanted to be a cricketer. I never had interest in practicing my music lessons.                                                                  img_0615-1

One of those days my mother appointed a music teacher for home tuitions. His name was Mr. Ramendra nath Purkait, my first guru. Guruji taught me music at my home every Sunday afternoon while I was either playing cricket or football. So it was quite irritating but no option I had to quit my games and sit with him to learn music. At the beginning of the class Guruji asks me, have u practiced the lessons? My answer is a pin drop silence with my gaze on the floor. He kept repeating the same question every week and before leaving he says; will u practice music this week properly? Quickly, I reply yes certainly and then rush towards the playground carelessly. I was then in class 2. Music was in the side lane of my life till class 7. Till then I hated music. But a clear turn in my musical career happened during class 7.  Among all my friends who take music lessons, I was the only one who was not able to sing SA to SA. Only Sa Re Ga Ma that is all. I felt so bad and insulting too. People who know me started saying that music is not my cup of tea. The very next Sunday I requested Guruji please help me so that I can sing properly. I’m ready to do whatever u will advice. From then I started loving music whole heartedly.

The Classical Training

I took lessons of Indian classical music from Pt. Santanu Bandopadhay ( Bishnupur Gharana). Later, I took lessons of Ghazal and Semi Classical singing from a disciple, of Ghulam Ali Khan Sahab, Baloo Dutta. I also took my lessons of North Indian Classical music from Jayanta Sarkar. I truly love to sing raga based compositions. Ghazal is one of my favorite subjects.  I try to listen and sing all types of genres but I feel at home when I sing Ghazals and semi-classical compositions.

The Major Accelerato

In the year 2014, I penned a special song and rendered my voice during FIFA WORLD CUP FOOTBALL Brazil with a full support of Hindustan Records co. ltd.

Me and band Kaya composed an album NIJUM RATER TARA for those talented boys and girls of the red light area in Kolkata.

I have rendered my voice for USHA UTHUP’s dream project STAGECRAFT Award show for the unsung heroes.

I sang playback of Rabindra Sangeet – ‘SUDHU TOMAR BANI NOY GO HEY BONDHU’ in a short film for International Film Festival in Cannes, Germany 2011.

Well recently, I have had rendered my voice for several Bengali, Hindi movies and many album songs.

The Popularity Factor

That I can’t say whether people keep their eye on me, but I think as u people are managing your time for interviewing me then it may be partially true that public started recognizing me. Because media are the key people that draws one’s attention towards public. Last year, in the month of October I was spotted by one of the renowned radio jockey of BIG FM 92.7 in Guwahati Assam, during one of my friend’s marriage party. The very next day he interviewed me for 2 hours live in his studio.

Opinionated Avik on Reality Shows

The positive side of reality shows is that it gives identity to a genuinely talented singer, who has no access to the music industry to show his/her talent. Reality shows are the platforms on which singers can see his/her own reflection of their musical abilities. Musically a singer becomes perfectionists due to multiple grooming sessions. One can get to know a lot about technicalities.

On the other side mediocre singers also start dreaming to become a star or super star like the legends in our industry. Mainly, now-a-days it has become the dream of our parents. They force their children to take part in reality shows instead of sending them for classical training from gurus. Learn the basics first everything will follow, it is my genuine opinion.

I have participated in several reality shows. My experience is that reality shows are not a hunt for playback singers rather it is to find finest singers. For playback singing you need to know a lot of technicalities of recording and its lengthy process.

The Perfect Pitch

I have had already rendered my voice for mainstream Bengali and Hindi Movies.  I am just waiting eagerly for its release. Now I can’t say anything much more about playback. Just Wait and watch. I also have plans to release a solo soon.

Hoping to listen to your beautiful renditions in the upcoming Bollywood films. All the very best AVIK!


“ I would like to thank you for interviewing me for your website. I’m sure readers will enjoy reading our conversation. Maintain its hygiene. All the very best! Thank You.”@Avik