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With the advent of Tik Tok to an already saturated social media family, created opportunities to thousands of amateur actors and actresses. Today Tik Tok has 800 million users worldwide, making it the right platform for those who want to prove their acting talent. Some of them, especially children amaze the viewers with their enormous acting potential. In this interview, let me introduce two such super talents; Aradhya and her equally talented dad. What makes her unique is her ability to deliver incessant filmy dialogues in her own voice. In a very less time frame, she etched her name in the Malayali movie lovers’ hearts. Whether it is the character Damayanthi from the 1992 regional movie Yoddha or the role played by actor Innocent in 1993 movie Midhunam; this little star has revived popular bit parts in her own charm once again in the viewers.  Her fans call her Thakku though her real name is Aradhya. Happy to have your interview published.

The Kick-start

Don’t we say; like father, like son. Here we have to make a slight difference. Like father, like daughter. It was in the year 2018 that Aradhya’s father Anish Kaimal discovered the Tik Tok app. Initially, he tried doing what everybody else was doing in the app; lip syncing to the pre-recorded voice bits. Obviously, it didn’t click much or earn him many viewers. Lip syncing has already reached its superabundance level. Realizing its diminishing power, he tried doing something different that really worked for him. He started dressing up as characters and delivered dialogues in his own style and voice. That’s when things became favorable. He started getting more fans. During the same time, post noticing his daughter’s talent; he let Aradhya dress up and say dialogues. Those videos over a period of a short time became viral and the father-daughter duo is now quite famous. 

A Family Flashback 

Her chubby cheeks and expressive eyes enthrall anyone who watches her off screen and on screen. The girl is just 5 years and a kindergarten student but she has got started quite early in this industry. Her dad recalls, “Even at the age 2; she was quite active and memorized her lines or lyrics astonishingly fast. Perhaps, it’s the prayers and well-wishes of my father that I am lucky-enough to have a daughter like Aradhya. My real name is Anish Kaimal and wife’s nick name is Unni; that is exactly why my social media account is Kaimal_Unni. But many have mistaken the name Unni as my daughter’s name.” 

He also added, “I always wanted to excel in a creative field, but because of various concerns I couldn’t achieve my dreams. Now I am trying to encourage my daughter’s talent and help her get into the right limelight, which my dad once wanted me to have. Now, my father is no more, but I am sure his blessings are always with us.” 

A Discovery 

When Anish started his Tik Tok stunts, the little Aradhya was in Kerala. Every time she sees her dad’s acting videos, she imitated it hassle free and that’s how the family noticed her in-depth talent. Later when she joined her father in Qatar, Anish got more opportunity to polish and support her ability to showcase unrestrained theatrics. Both Anish and his wife now work as a nurse in the middle-east. 

The first-video

Anish remembers, “While shooting the first video, I haven’t told Aradhya that we are going for the take. Instead, I set the camera hidden and we did it truly very casually. It was a scene from the movie Theevandi. However, the first video that got more appreciation is the character Shakuntala originally played by Kalpana in the movie Gandharvam.”

Beyond Oppositions

Anish says, “None of the family members or viewers on Tik Tok has ever put a stop to our dreams. I didn’t face any negative comments or opinions initially but when the videos were taken to other platforms like YouTube or Facebook, I received a handful of opposing comments. The concerns were many. Some accused me for using my daughter to gain popularity on social media and some others believed the innocence of the child will be lost, if I let her expose to the acting world so early, Let me clarify a few things here. I am giving her role of only those easy and funny characters played by actors and actresses like Kalpana, Urvashi or Jagathy. There is no smutty content. Through minimal standard content, I am just trying to encourage my daughter’s acting capabilities.”  

Ultimate Acting Chemistry 

No one can actually watch Anish and Aradhya in Tik Tok Videos just once. Anyone would want to know how they are striking a perfect onscreen chemistry. To this question Anish explains, “When Aradhya learns her dialogue, it is not just her part that she learns but she remembers what I have to deliver too. So, while making the video, even if I make a mistake she stops immediately; this makes the process easy. Her comfort level to act with her own dad is any day lofty than with anyone else.”

Challenges Faced 

“One of the challenges I face while shooting with Aradhya is that I often forgot to play my part well. This is because I have to be keen on what my daughter says while the camera is rolling. Also, sometimes I have to wait for many days until she agrees herself to do the video. It is not easy to get a child of 3 or 4 to say “yes” to act anytime you want or make her understand the importance of the character she has to play. I recommend patience and perseverance as a great virtue in such situations. Definitely, Aradhya has improved a lot from where she began.” Anish elucidates. 

Future Plans

Anish has no plans to start a YouTube channel like many has done before. He says for having a channel, one has to invest more time and money. Currently, he is trying to be more active on Instagram and Tik Tok with an intention to be a part of the cinema world. He is trying his best to make path for Aradhya to unravel her genius. 

Message to the readers

“If your children have some kind of talent, please do encourage it. Also, don’t expect instantaneous results in anything that you do and never ever quit. May god bless everyone”, expressed Anish before winding up the interview.